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Multicultural world


  • 1. Worldwide Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations Multicultural World

2. Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is a philosophy that appreciates ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages people to learn from the contributions of those of diverse ethnic backgrounds. By Citizen Warrior 3. Brazil Carnival Holiday Most famous holiday; It represents camaraderie, freedom and they stop working for a week; Starts 40 days before Easter; Lasts 4 days and 4 nights; People put on their costumes and go out to the streets; Samba. 4. Bulgaria - Martenitsa 1st March; Symbolizes the coming of Spring; Bulgarians wear a special ornament made of red and white yarn Martenitsa; By wearing the Martenitsa, Baba Marta will help them and Spring will come more quickly. 5. China Torch Day From August 5 to 8; Exists because of a myth; Everybody holds the torches at night. 6. Germany October Fest in Germany Its a very big celebration; Historical origin; Takes place in Munich; People drink German beer and Schnaps and eat lots of Pretzeln white sausages and sauerkraut. 7. Hong Kong Chung Yueng Festival 9th of September; Based on a family story; People go hiking or to a high place (hill). 8. Ireland Saint Patricks Day 17th of March; Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland; People paint their faces, dance, sing, do parades or dress up. 9. Japan Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival Beginning of February every year; At temples in Japan; Selected men and women throw beans from the stage at the temple to the crowds wishing to drive the evil spirit away and bring the good luck that year - "Toshi-otoko" and "Toshi-onna" . Also celebrated at home; After throwing the beans, people eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for good health that year. 10. Korea Daeboreum: Full Moon Celebration 15th of January; It's the first time of the year that the moon becomes full. People wish for health for the year; They eat some vegetables and make special rice and they believe that they will be healthy that year. Bonfires 11. Mexico Da de los Muertos 1st and 2nd of November; It's the day of death in Mexico, death brings laughter, and in that celebration, the Mexican people play with death, making people laugh; It includes jokes, parties, dancing, music, and a lot of delightful food; Smiling candy skulls, skeleton toys, Bread of the dead. 12. Philippines Maskarra Festival Every October; Contestants wear smiling masks and colorful costumes. Float competition, a dance contest, and a beauty pageant. The people celebrate all night. They dance in the streets and sing in karaokes. 13. A Multicultural Town This is a multicultural town And all shades live here black, white and brown From all around the World everywhere And little in common they share. With different music, dance and song And their bonds to their own cultures strong And from different backgrounds and with different ideals For them multiculturalism has few appeals. To different Gods they kneel and pray And they look at life in a different way And with different political views and such In common they don't have that much. Not alone here but Worldwide Culture, Politics and Religion Peoples divide And People like birds and animals more inclined To socialize with their own kind. With their own kind they socialize Which after all is no surprise The different shades white, black and brown In this a multicultural town. By Francis Duggan 14. ?Questions? Do you know any other celebrations? Do you think sharing different celebrations is a good thing? Taoist FestivalGanesh Chaturthi Festival (Mumbai) 15. Sources