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Multi-host Container NetworkingAlfonso AcostaSoftware Engineer at Weaveworks

Introduce yourself

Survey: ask the audience who has used 1. Docker, 2. Weave, 3. ECS.

OutlineProblem statementWhat's Weave?VMVM DemoWeave+ECS Demo

Problem statement


Solution space

What's WeaveworksFounded in 2014Goals: connect, observe and control containerssimple to usedeveloper friendly

Weave passes Mrten Mickos' 15 min test - Adrian Cockroft

Insist on the fact that we are developer oriented, there are other solutions out there but they are not that developer-friendly

Not only a SDNWeave Net: Overlay container network

Cloud agnostic (bare metal support), Open source,supports network topologies which are not fully connected

Not only a SDNWeave Run: IPAM, LB, SD (weaveDNS) ...

Talk about weaveDNS (container name -> A record, Random A-record order, Gossip) how it scales better than Consul (agent->master, starts to bottleneck on 250 nodes and requries DNSmask/caching)

Not only a SDNWeave Scope: Container visualization

Weave Demo

Data producerwhile true; do # Get IP IP=`hostname -i | awk '{ print $1 }'` # Offer data on port 4540 echo "Hi, this is the data producer in $IP" | nc -q 0 -l -p 4540done

"HTTP" Serverwhile true; do # Get a message from a data producer DATA_PRODUCER_MESSAGE=`nc dataproducer 4540` # Render message HTML=" Chosen data producer message: ${DATA_PRODUCER_MESSAGE} " echo "$HTML" | nc -q 0 -l -p 80done

Weave+ECS Demo



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