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<p>Contemporary Resume</p> <p>106 Al Reem Building,54 Amman Street </p> <p>Dubai - UAE.Mobile: (971) 056 - 805 9244Email: </p> <p>Syed Muhammad Ali</p> <p>Education2003 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad </p> <p>Master Of Business Administration (MBA Finance)</p> <p>2001University Of The Punjab (P.U) LahoreBachelor of Commerce (B. Com)</p> <p>Experience</p> <p>Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan LimitedJhang, Pakistan</p> <p>Senior Financial Consultant</p> <p>From 04-2015 To 12-2016Major Responsibilities:</p> <p>Consumer &amp; Corporate relationship management, Marketing and distribution of banking products (CASA/NTB/Banca/Cards), Account Opening, Cross Sell, AML Financial &amp; Branch Position Reporting, Corporate Lending. Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan LimitedJhang, Pakistan</p> <p>Financial Consultant</p> <p>From 03-2013 To 03-2015Major Responsibilities:</p> <p>Marketing and distribution of banking products, meeting with upcoming and existing clients, maintaining deposit portfolio.Crescent Oil Mills</p> <p>Jhang, Pakistan</p> <p>Manager Finance &amp; AccountsFrom 03 - 2009 To 03 - 2013Major Responsibilities:</p> <p>Managing company accounts and bank finance. Managing insurance claims and Payroll. Cash Flow Management. Relationship Management between clients and the firm. Financial reporting of the firm.Nimra Textile (Pvt) Limited </p> <p>Faisalabad, Pakistan</p> <p>Asst. Manager Finance</p> <p>From 04-2006 To 02-2009Major Responsibilities:</p> <p>Working Capital Loans Portfolio Management, Financing Agreements, Managing Short-Term and Long-Term Financing Requirements, Lease Agreements and InsuranceShakarganj Mills Limited</p> <p>Jhang, Pakistan</p> <p>Finance Officer</p> <p>From 2004 To 02-2006Major Responsibilities:</p> <p>Bank reconciliation, Reporting to line manager for cash inflows and out flows, Bank related documentation for financing, maintaining relationship with banks</p> <p>Certification(s)</p> <p>February 2001 Online certification</p> <p>Computer Fundamentals</p> <p>Date of Birth &amp; NICMarch 27th, 1981 37405 9022824 7 </p> <p>SkillsWindows 98/NT/2K/XP, MS Office 97/2K/XP</p> <p>PAGE I</p>