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<ul><li><p> Muhammad Ahsan Butt </p><p> +92-307-2614131. </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY LAHORE Lahore, Pakistan Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (CGPA 3.0/4) 2012-2016 RISE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE MULTAN Multan, Pakistan FSc. Pre Engineering (Result: 86%) 2010-2012 INTERNSHIPS THERMAL POWER PLANT MUZAFARGARH (July 2015 Aug 2015) Thermal power Plant that is producing 1350 MW to the National Grid System. Boiler Section: Learnt about furnace, boiler drum, riser tubes, superheated and economizer. Turbine Section: Knew how steam moves through HP, MP and LP turbines. MILLAT TRACTORS LTD. (June 2015 June 2015) Lahore, Pakistan Tractor manufacturing company which assemble tractors. - Machining Section: Learnt about different machining process done on casting parts. - Engine Assembly Section: Knew how piston, crankshaft, camshaft and flywheel are assembled. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AL - DARS ACADEMY (Jan 2013 April 2015) Teach Chemistry for two and a half year years. - Public Speaking: By delivering Lecture in front of more than 40 students. - Team Work: Attending meetings with principle, teachers, parents and also with students. - Managerial Skill: Monitoring test system, arranging trips and farewells. BOL UET (Jan 2016 Present) Non Profit Society whose main purpose is to increase the confidence level in UET Students. - Trained one batch of 30 students. - Increasing their confidence by different activities, taking presentations, dividing them into groups discussing about different issues and then presenting on stage. AMAL ACADEMY (May 2014 July 2014) Education startup funded by Stanford University that teaches professional skills to students and corporations Invested over 100 hours in order to develop business skills (e.g., communication, leadership, </p><p>problem solving, teamwork, etc.) that will help me make a deeper impact on the job. Final Year Project STUDY AND DESIGN OF 1 MW SOLAR ASSISTED GAS TURBINE POWER PALNT - Develop a solar central receiver gas turbine power plant located in Lahore. The production of Plant Is 1 MW and is supplemented by the combustion of natural gas. - Contribution: Being the team member, contributing mainly in Gas Turbine Portion by determine Efficiency, Brayton Cycles and other parameters. Semester Projects SAVONIUS WIND TURBINE Modeling, simulation and fabrication of vertical axis savonius wind turbine. COOLING LOAD CALCULATION Cooling load calculation of IB&amp;M department of UET, Lahore. ROZGAR RICKSHAW COMPANY LAHORE Quality improvement and cost reduction of 4-stroke Rickshaw Company. Honors and Awards Got the award of best area manager at Punjab Youth Festival 2014 by the head organizer. Got the award of best teacher as a Chemistry teacher at Al-Dars Academy. Additional </p><p> Professional Skills: Motivational speaking, Presentation Skills, Event Management. Computer Skills: Microsoft Office and Excel, Power Point, Solid Edge. </p></li></ul>