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For The Mission to Seafarers' charities around the world in 71 countries - download our brand guidelines to help your local charity with fundraising and communications style.


  • 1The Mission to Seafarers Brand guidelines

  • themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Our BrandWe have put together these brand guidelines to assist your in-house team on how to implement and execute our brand effectivley across a range of media.

    These guidelines are essential to ensuring continuity across The Mission to Seafarers (MtS) brand.

    For additional information regarding the content of these brand guidelines please contact the marketing and communications team at [email protected] and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Masterbrand Logo

    The logo of The Mission to Seafarers comprises the flying angel symbol, The Mission to Seafarers name and the keyline Caring for seafarers around the world. It is available in blue and black with blue being the dominant choice.

    The logo should never be reversed and must appear in full. Occasionally, it may be necessary to use the symbol without the keyline; however, this should not be considered the norm.

    The logo should always appear on the right-hand side of a page, either at the top or bottom. The only exceptions to this are: invitation cards (where a central logo looks better) and the website.

    These logos are available from the staff area of the website and from the marketing and communications team.

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    Logo versions

    Keyline LogoIf the logo is appearing on any paper which is not white, a keyline versioncan be used to ensure it stands out.

    Welsh Version of the LogoWhen producing material for use in Wales, the Welsh version of the MtS logo should be used. There is a Church in Wales requirement that material is bilingual.

    Ribbon LogoIf the logo is appearing on any cover or document where the logos outline is unclear, a ribbon can be placed behind the logo to lift it off the image/background to make it more visible. The ribbon must bleed off the page, top right.

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    Logo versions

    You can use MtS logos with the copy translated in any language that is most appropriate. We have translated a selection to give you an idea of how they would look. There is no legal requirement to use logos in translations but it might be helpful for volunteers and seafarers. If you would like to use dual logos on local branding and signage that is permitted. To request a logo in a local language, please email [email protected] Arabic Version of the Logo

    Hong Kong Version of the Logo

    Chinese Version of the Logo

    Russian Version of the Logo

    Gaelic (Scottish) Version of the Logo

    A gabhail craim de mharaichean air feadh an t-saoghail


    IseaN nam




    Spanish Version of the Logo

    Al servicio de la gente de mar en todo el mundo


    MISSIn para

    la gent de mar

    Pangangalaga para sa mga marino sa buong mundo


    ng misyon

    sa mga marin


    Tagalog Version of the Logo

  • themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Unacceptable adaptations of the Logo

    X Coloured Logo ElementsThe logo elements should not be re-coloured

    X Boxed LogoThe logo should not be boxed or have a border around it.

    X Reversed LogoThe logo should not be reversed and should always be positive.

  • themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Unacceptable adaptations of the Logo

    X Logo KeylineDo not use the logo on dark backgrounds with a blue keyline.

    X Distorted LogoThe logo should not distorted or stretched in any way.

    X Flying Angel Do not separate the angel from the other logo elements. For more guidance on using the angel device, please see page 8.

    X Logo ElementsDo not change, re-position or rearrange elements of the logo.

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    The Flying Angel

    The angel always appears flying from left to right and should never be reversed. In designing a brochure, it may be considered appropriate to remove the angel from the logo and use it as a header or footer; however it should not appear regularly on its own and never without water waves underneath (as shown).

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    Logo: Minimum size and Exclusion Zone

    Exclusion zone 10mmMinimum Height and Width Logo Exclusion Zone

    For the sake of legibility, the logo must never be printed smaller than 15mm in height or 30pixels on screen. At smaller sizes it is best to use the logo icon alone as shown to the right.

    The exclusion zone is the space around the logo. It is important that no images/text/borders or margins are placed within 10mm of the logo. This gives the logo enough space to make a strong visual impact on the page.



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    Font: Arial, 11pt Margins: 3cm from the left, so that it matches the letterhead address.

    The Mission To Seafarers logo will be top right with associated logos placed along the bottom.

    For PDF or Word document versions of this headed paper, please contact the marketing and communications team. themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Headed Paper


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    Business CardsBusiness cards are available from the marketing and communications team. These are provided for new starters and in the event that a member of staff either runs out of cards or has their details, such as a job title or phone number, change.

    These can be supplied by the marketing and communications team in PDF format for regions and in hard copy format for the UK and Near Europe region.

    Compliments SlipIn addition to headed paper, smaller compliments slips are available.

    Ben AlcraftPublishing and Digital Media Officer

    The Mission to Seafarers St Michael Paternoster Royal College Hill, London EC4R 2RL

    T: +44 (0)20 7246 2948 (x148)M: +44 (0)7881 106571E: [email protected]: themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews


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    FoldersA branded MtS folder is also available, useful for external meetings and for handouts. These are available in hard copy format from the marketing and communications team, or in PDF format from the staff area of the website. themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews


  • 13 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Electronic communication

    EmailAll emails should be written in Calibri, 12 point. Email signatures, which should be used on all external emails, should be as shown. Please do not use graphic signatures in emails. In email protocol they are not necessary.

    In the UK, The Mission to Seafarers is a charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales, Number: 6220240, Registered charity no: 1123613. Registered Office: St Michael Paternoster Royal, College Hill, London EC4R 2RL. The Mission to Seafarers Scotland Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in Scotland, Number: 389483, Registered charity in Scotland: SC041938. Registered Office: 109 Avalon Gardens, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7PL. (Regular, 8pt)

    Founded in 1856, and entirely funded by voluntary donations, todays Mission to Seafarers offers emergency assistance, practical support, and a friendly welcome to crews visiting 230 ports around the world. Whether caring for victims of piracy or providing a lifeline to those stranded in foreign ports, we are there for the globes 1.5 million seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs. To find out how we help those facing shipwreck, abandonment, loneliness and danger, visit our website: (Regular, 9pt)

    Your NameYour Job TitleThe Mission to SeafarersSt Michael Paternoster RoyalCollege Hill, LondonEC4R 2RL Direct: +44 (0)20 7246 29XXMobile: +44 (0) (if appropriate)Switchboard: + 44 (0)20 7248 5202Email: [email protected]

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    Electronic communication

    PowerPoint Presentations

    A PowerPoint Presentation template, complete with the Mts brand wave, is available from the staff area of the website and from the marketing and communications team.

  • The Global Mission Family


    Grant funded/MoU




    San Francisco Philadelphia

    UK Services

    Scottish Ports,Grangemouth



    Milford Haven Felixstowe

    Great YarmouthHumber Ports

    South Tees






    South Shields

    North Tees

    Port Talbot



    Scottish Ports,Grangemouth

    North WestPorts









    Port de Bouc



    Corpus Christi

    San Diego


    Thunder Bay






    Port Everglades


    Port of LiverpoolNew Haven

    Palm Beach

    Port Hueneme

    Vancouver, WA

    Saldhana Bay


    Richards Bay


    Port Elizabeth

    Walvis Bay

    Cape Town

    Lagos Mombasa




    Port of Spain




    Hong KongDubai






    NewMangalore Colombo



    Navi Mumbai



    Port Hedland



















    Pt. KemblaNewcastle

    Bell Bay


    Marsden Point




    Port GilesThevenard


    Port Pirie



    UK and Europe

    New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands (Oceania)





    East Asia

    The Gulf & South Asia

    The Mission to Seafarers Global Family Map We have now updated our global MtS map to show where our regions are. If you would like to use a local regional map only, please contact [email protected]

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    HeadlinesPlease keep headlines for news stories and pages on the website to two lines at the most.

    ImagesImages used as adverts on the right-hand column should be no more than 165 pixels wide. Images used on navigation buttons (the top bar) should be sized 141 pixels x 82 pixels. Images on other pages of the website should be situated close to the top of the page, and should be sized 605 pixels x 350 pixels.

    SummariesPlease keep summaries of news stories to three or four lines at the most. The same principle applies for summaries on all pages across the website.

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    For digital media purposes, such as web and Facebook, photos taken at events can be shared quickly and uploaded via your smartphone.

    Taking photos is encouraged, as they really help to promote engagement with our work, as long as you do check with people you photograph that they are happy for you to share the photos. Do not use images of children, as they can be prohibited.

    For MtS print, publishing and marketing materials for the public, we only use approved professional photographers. We manage an image bank, which you can use at any time. We hold some of these on our Flickr account:

    If you need to source a one-off professional image, perhaps of a particular ship or a recent shipping news item, we also hold MtS accounts with international image bank companies.

    To discuss photography, and to get advice on using images, please contact [email protected]

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    Primary Colour

    Secondary Colours themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Technical Colour Specification for Design Agencies

    Along with the Mission Blue 287c, The Mission to Seafarers has adopted a series of colours for publications. These are clearly defined by the following Pantone colours:







    Colour palette: Primary and secondary colours

  • 19 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Colour composition

    Web #002f87 Web #008996 Web #211d3e Web #9cb1ce Web #a62d38 Web #e24912

    C98/M82/Y03/K11 C81/M25/Y37/K08 C98/M95/Y41/K51 C44/M24/Y11/K01 C24/M92/Y69/K19 C03/M82/Y99/K01

    R000/G047/B135 R000/G137/B150 R033/G029/B062 R156/G177/B206 R166/G045/B056 R226/G073/B018

    Pantone #287 Pantone #321 Pantone #276 Pantone #651 Pantone #704 Pantone #1665

    20% 60%40% 80% 20% 60%40% 80%20% 60%40% 80% 20% 60%40% 80% 20% 60%40% 80% 20% 60%40% 80%Colours and Tints

    Here we have shown the breakdowns for each of the colours in The Mission to Seafarers palette. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and web colours are for screen use only. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) and Pantone numbers are for print.

    Tints are useful as they provide additional colours at no extra print cost. Tints shown are at 20 per cent increments.

    Please do talk to a local printer or designer for more information.

  • 20 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    Listed right are the main MtS typefaces used in the brand identity. These should be used in all general MtS literature.

    For typeface guidance for specific events or campaigns, please see the sub-brands section.

    Font files for use with Microsoft Office can be downloaded from the staff area of the website, or you can get them from the marketing and communications team.

    [email protected]$Stone Sans [email protected]$Stone Sans [email protected]$Arial [email protected]$Arial [email protected]$Calibri [email protected]$Calibri Regular


  • 21

    Font UsageThe hierarchy refers to the order of importance of the fonts, starting with headers and headlines through to captions. These are the preferred styles to be used in MtS literature.

    Stone Sans [email protected]$%Arial [email protected]$%

    Calibri [email protected]$%

    Calibri [email protected]$%

    Arial [email protected]$%


    H2 (Headline)




    Hierarchy | @FlyingAngelNews

  • 22

    When placing over images the bottom two waves can be made into transparent tints of their colours. The top wave remains solid.

    You can acquire the wave graphic from the staff area of the website or the marketing and communications team. themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    The WaveThis graphic element can be used on any MtS literature to separate photos from text or on a cover above a heading (as shown). It should always be positioned at the bottom of the artwork never flipped to be at the top.

    It can be separated to just one, two or three waves depending on the project.

    Design elements and graphic usage

  • 23

    The ribbon can also be used for holding information, such as quotes or contact details.

    You can acquire the ribbon graphic from the staff area of the website and from the marketing and communications team. themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    The RibbonThis graphic element is useful on artwork that have images where the MtS logo is still insufficient. The ribbon lifts the logo off the images to give it more prominence.

    Design elements and graphic usage


    The Mission to SeafarersInternational Headquarters St Michael Paternoster RoyalCollege HillLondonUnited KingdomEC4R 2RLEmail: [email protected] Registered charity no. 1123613.

    Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.Romans 12:15

    The Mission to Seafarers o ers a helping hand to seafarers all over the world in good ti mes and bad. Whatever you may need and wherever you are, you can rely on our trusted symbol, the Flying Angel, for support, advice, transport, phones, computers, stores and a place to relax; step ashore with The Mission to Seafarers.

    Why not tell us your story on themissiontoseafarers or @FlyingAngelNews #HelloMtS wed love to hear from you! Details of our locati ons and services can be found on our website.

    The Mission is funded enti rely by voluntary donati ons. To help us, please go to



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    Design elements and graphic usage

    CertificatesMtS awards its staff and volunteers certificates for distinguished or long service. These are available in a default format, with space for awardees names and short explanations of their achievements. They are also available for the Flying Angel Volunteer Awards.

    TemplatesCertificates are available on request from the marketing and communications team. Please send your candidate names and their details to [email protected] with the date you would like to present the award, and someone will be able to assist you.

  • 25 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews


    Woolly Hat DayWoolly hats play a role in our work. Across the world volunteers tirelessly knit woolly hats for seafarers. These are then handed out by our Chaplains and Ship-visitors to seafarers visiting our Centres or on board their ships.

    On Woolly Hat Day, we ask supporters to wear a woolly hat for the day to help remember the work of seafarers around the world and to fundraise to support our work.

    LogoWoolly Hat Day has its own event logo. As with the MtS logo, it is available in several different formats for different situations.

    MaterialsWe have a range of materials available to help promote Woolly Hat Day, including posters and a fundraising pack. These can be downloaded from the staff area of the website, and are also available from the marketing and communications team.

    TypefaceWoolly Hat Day materials use different fonts to the main MtS brand. Gotham is used for leaflet covers, such as on the front and back covers of the Woolly Hat Day fundraising pack. The curled font used for headers is Pacifico. Body copy is Arial. These fonts are available from the staff area of the website, and are also available from the marketing and communications team.

    Fundraising Pack


  • 26 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews


    Challenge EventsThe Mission to Seafarers runs several challenge fundraising events. The events use a different set of brand guidelines, which is based on the MtS brand, to help them stand out from the crowd.

    DesignMaterials should use a Pantone 287 background with the tyre track image overlaid at 10 per cent opacity. This image, grunge.eps, is available from the staff area of the website and the marketing and communications team, as is the torn-effect white backing. Events materials being created for a UK audience should also include the Fundraising Standards Board logo.

    TypefaceChallenge event materials use the Plane Crash font for poster headlines and any keynote details you want to immediately highlight. Calibri is used for body copy.

    CopyThe default strapline for challenge event materials is SPRING INTO ACTION for The Mission to Seafarers. In copy, highlights such as contact details should be in Pantone 1665.

  • 27 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews


    Sea SundayOn Sea Sunday churches around the world come together to remember seafarers and pray for them, their families and those who support them.

    As well as raising money to help those who work at sea, the day is celebrated with services, parades and ship blessings.

    LogoSea Sunday has its own event logo. It is available in a dated or undated format. If you would like your own dated logo, please contact the marketing and communications team who will create one for you.

    MaterialsWe have a wide range of materials available to promote Sea Sunday. These include a pew leaflet, sermon notes, posters to advertise the event, logos, prayer cards and childrens materials. These can be downloaded from the staff area of the website, the website, and they are also available from the marketing and communications team.

    TypefaceSea Sunday materials use the standard MtS fonts as described on page 20 of the brand guidelines. However, in addition, the font Sketch Rockwell is used for headers in childrens materials. This font is available from the staff area of and from the marketing and communications team.

    An abandoned crew of seafarers can be left on board ship to fend for themselves for months and someti mes years, in desperate conditi ons, without food, water, light or any contact with the outside world.

    In many of the worlds remote ports, The Mission to Seafarers is the only help at hand.

    We need your prayers and support for all merchant crews and their families on Sea Sunday 2014, to conti nue our vital work for those in need.

    I want to support the Sea Sunday 2014 appeal Seafarers work ti relessly around the clock, night and day, to bring goods to the UK in all our major ports. Merchant ships take an arduous trade journey through vast, remote seas; from Southampton to Singapore - from Scotland to Sydney. Please make a donati on to help us in our vital work, caring for those in need.

    Each year we: Respond to emergency calls for assistance Visit seafarers on ships and in hospital Welcome them to our seafarers centres Offer telephone and internet facilities Distribute Bibles and other items of Christian literature Provide practical help and support crews in some of the most

    remote ports in the world Work with industry and governments to ensure that the rights

    of seafarers are not forgotten.

    Visit us online at

    A gift of 10 could provide a telephone card and a vital call home for an aban-doned seafarer separated from his family.

    A gift of 20 could provide four Bibles and much needed solace for lonely seafarers far from home.

    A gift of 50 could help to keep one of our centres open, where a warm welcome awaits anyone who needs us.

    10 20 50 Other:

    I enclose: Cheque Postal Order CAF Voucher (payable to The Mission to Seafarers)Please debit my: Mastercard Visa Visa DebitCard no: Start date: (if listed) Expiry date:

    Title: ................. First Name: ................................................................................................................

    Surname ..............................................................................................................................................

    Address: ..............................................................................................................................................


    ..............................................................................................Postcode: ..............................................

    Name of your church: ..........................................................................................................................

    Signature(s): Date: ................................................................................

    Let us have your email address if youd like to be kept up to date with the latest news from The Mission to Seafarers. We promise not to share your details with any third parties.


    In the UK, The Mission to Seafarers is a charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales, Number: 6220240, Registered charity no: 1123613. Registered Of ce: St Michael Paternoster Royal, College Hill, London EC4R 2RL.


    Yes, I am a UK tax payer and would like The Mission to Seafarers to treat my past donations (in the last 4 years) and any donations that I make now or in the future as Gift Aid donations. I have paid, or will pay in the year of donation, enough UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount that all charities and CASCs I donate to will reclaim for each tax year (6 April to 5 April). I understand that Council Tax and VAT do not count and that The Mission to Seafarers will reclaim 25p of tax on every 1 given.

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    Christmas branding

    Our Christmas appeal, and our IHQ Christmas event, A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, have their own brand guidelines.

    TypefaceHeadlines, as for example on the front of these two materials pictured, use a special font called Slim Tony. This is available from the staff area of the website and on request from the marketing and communications team.

    For body copy, please use Calibri.

    ColoursColour usage for fonts stays within our normal brand guidelines. However, we do incorporate the additional Christmas colours of gold and red, especially in the wave device.

  • 29 themissiontoseafarers | @FlyingAngelNews

    [email protected][email protected]$

    Slim Tony Regular

    Slim Tony Italic

    Christmas Colours



  • The Mission to SeafarersSt Michael Paternoster Royal International HQCollege Hill, London UNITED KINGDOMEC4R 2RLTel: +44 (0)20 7248 5202 Fax: +44 (0)20 7248 4761Email: [email protected] Website: www.missiontoseafarers.orgRegistered Charity no. 1123613

    themissiontoseafarers @FlyingAngelNews