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<ul><li> 1. WIFI TwitterKey XXYYSS WELCOME # munchpokeping</li></ul> <p> 2. HOUSKEEPING Health &amp; Safety &amp; Fire drill Practical assistance Rosie Everyone is a contributor! Whats in your pack? WIFI Key XXYYSS # munchpokeping 3. StephenCarrick-Davies 4. Ongoing feedback Evaluation and feedback 5. Overview of projectInitial report RecommendationsFurther intense workshops and 6 further films 6. Why is this subject like aRubik Cube ?ParentingAnd more... 7. RUBIKs QUIZ Who invented theHungarian sculptor andRubiks cube ?architect Ern Rubik What year did they1974appear ? How many have been350 million(as of Jan 2009)sold ? Whats the record for5.66 seconds in 2011fastest completion ? by Australian Feliks Zemdegs 8. Blindfolding solving Solving the cube with your feet Solving the cube underwater in a single breath Cube for the blind 9. A METAPHOR FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP Involves many sides/aspectsIts about choices There are rulesIt can define you! It includes ethics !It involves a range of literacies;emotional, digital, visual, print etc. You can make mistakes!Its about relationships Its a global thing It can be really engaging ! Every age can be involved 10. Just six sides for today!USERS VIEWS BIGGER PICWhat happens whenFilms &amp; Interviewswe dont support YPBLOCKING NEW DANCEUnwinnable war? New dance steps andMobile/BBMnew thinking FUTUREHEALTHThe Internet of things FUTURE ACTIONCompulsionEmpathy, Resilience 11. What terms do we use to explainthis space ? An incubator ? FORWARDEDCOMMENTED ONUPLOADEDAMPLIFIEDCOPIEDSTOREDMORPHED/ CHANGEDMUNCHEDLIE DORMANT (captured) RE- BROADCAST 12. Julian Parmiter andthe MPP crew 13. USERS VIEWSMPP crew in conversation 14. Seamus OatesExecutive Headteacher of Tri-borough Alternative ProvisionWinning an unwinable war? 15. BLOCKINGSeamus OatesExecutive Headteacher of Tri-borough Alternative ProvisionWinning anunwinnable war?;sns=tw 16. QUESTIONS ? 17. COFFEE &amp; TWEET BREAK#Munchpokeping 18. FIT FOR FUTUREJoseph and Esther Adefarakan 19. FUTURE Bill Thompson Graham BrownMartinSee for tutorial. Joseph and EstherAdefarakan 20. BLACKBERRY PICKINGKatie Bacon 21. FUTURE Katie Bacon ChristopherMcdonnald Elizabeth Kanter 22. See pages 54 59 in Vodafones Digital Parenting magazine 23. See pages 54 59 in Vodafones Digital Parenting magazine 24. QUESTIONS ? 25. MAGGIE KALNINSChief Executive Inclusion TrustREFLECTIONS 26. SURPRISE ! 27. LUNCH 28. WIFITwitterKey XXYYSS WELCOME BACK # munchpokeping 29. TINK PALMERCEO MARIE COLLINS FOUNDATION 30. BIGGER PICWhat happens whenwe dont support YP 31. QUESTIONS ? 32. JEN HYATTDIGITAL DANCESBig White Wall 33. NEW DANCE New dance steps and new thinking FlashPlayer4.aspx?video=4 34. DR RICHARD GRAHAMKATHERINE CORMACK 35. HEALTHCompulsionEmpathy, Resilience 36. See pages 16-17 in Vodafones Digital Parenting magazine 37. QUESTIONS ? 38. DAN SUTCHSO WHAT DO WE DO NEXT ? 39. Ongoing feedback Evaluation and feedback 40. USERS VIEWSMPP crew show us what theyve done 41. THANK YOU FOR COMING 42. DRINKS RECEPTION FEEDBACK</p>