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2. 3. 4. The title of the movies is : The Wizard of Oz (1939).
It is directed by :Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
its a : Musical based on a children's novel
It takes place : Word of Oz 1939
Stars: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan and Ray Bolger .
Its about : Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home.
5. In the end:
the travelers are greeted warmly, and it is revealed by Glinda that Dorothy had the power to go home all along.
The Silver Shoes she wears can take her anywhere she wishes to go.
She tearfully embraces her friends, all of whom will be returned, through Glinda's use of the Golden Cap, to their respective sovereignties: the Scarecrow to the Emerald City,
Then she will give the Golden Cap to the king of the Winged Monkeys, so they will never be under its spell again. Dorothy and Toto return to Kansas to a joyful family reunion.
The Silver Shoes are dropped in the Oz desert during Dorothy's flight and never seen again.
6. 7. The title of the movies is THE SMURF..I
t is directed by Raja Gosnell
its a Cartoon movie
It takes placein New York City, the filming began in march 2010.Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Jayma Mays, SofaVergaraare in it.
8. Its about:
The smurfs are sucked into a gigantic vortex, leading to New York City.
Patrick and Grace, a married and expectant couple and their Basset hound Elway, be friend them and allow them to stay in their apartment.
They and the smurf want to break a spell and prevent Gargamel get the book of spells and the magic wand to become powerful.
Meanwhile, Gargamel is going to remove the "Smurf essence" from Papa Smurf and charge it into the dragon wand, which would make him more powerful than anything else in the world.
The smurfs and Patrick join the fight.
Also, Brainy reads the spell and opens up the portal, allowing him to go home and round up his friends.
9. In the End:
Without his dragon wand, Gargamel is powerless.
Papa Smurf destroys the wand once and for all,
The Smurfs return home safe and sound.
Patrick and Grace have a baby boy, whom they name Blue to honor the Smurfs, and the Smurfs rebuild their houses to look like what humans have.
10. 11. The title of the movies is Kung Fu Panda.
It is directed by John Wayne and Mark Osborne
its a animation movie
It takes place of the story is set in the Valley of Peace, a fictional land in ancient China ancient in habited by anthropomorphic animals
The stars voices of the five warriors are Kung Fu Panda, the tigress (Angelina Jolie), monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth Rogen), snake (Lucy Liu), Grulla (David Croos), the Master Shifu(Dustin Hoffman).
And other stras; Ping (James Hong),giant tortoise the master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim ), snow leopard Tai Lung (Ian McShane), java Rhino commander Vachirand (Michael Clarke Duncan)Mr.Ping the father of Po (Carlos Perez), and goose Shifu messenger (Dan Fogler).
12. -Its about the teacher organizes a tournament with five to Oogway can identify the legendary Dragon Warrior, Master worthy to receive the Scroll of the Dragon and turn defeat Tai Lung.
-Not understand why a fat panda has been chosen to be part of the five warriors; shifu ridicule what is causing the other also will make jokes. After receiving Oogway wise words, you get the group to take respect. Meanwhile, the five try to stop Tai Lung to be forced to return after being defeated. Teacher believes that Po is ready to receive the Scroll of the Dragon, which takes a vault of the sacred temple, and delivers it.When opened, however, its content is a virgin and shiny surface.
-Confused and frustrated, thinking that there is no hope, Po and Shifu orders to evacuate the Five Valley residents as he faces Tai Lung, knowing that he can defeat.
- In turn discouraged, Po is reunited with his father, Mr. Ping, who tries to console him, reveals that the famous secret ingredient in your soup does not exist, explaining that it is special just because people believe it is. Understanding on their part that it is the teaching of the Dragon Scroll, Po decides to face Tai Lung, who has almost finished his fight with Master.
13. In the end Po proves to be a brave opponent, capable of tips severe blows to Tai Lung, who only after heavy fighting martial manages to seize the roll. However, finding the same surface bright virgin Po and Shifu, is unable to understand or accept its symbolic significance, and finally conquers panda using the "key fingerprint Wuxi". Valley residents and the Five pay tribute to his great achievement, recognizing him as a teacher.
14. 15. The title of the movies is snow white and the seven dwarfs.
It is directed by David Hand, Wilfred Jackson, Larry Morey, Perce Pearce and Ben Sharpsteen.
Its an animated movie.
It takes place in the house of seven dwarfs.
Stars:Adriana Caselottiplayed the voice of Snow White.
Its about a princess who is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, her stepmother (the queen) wants to kill her because of that. In the end the queen offers Snow White a poisoned apple, Snow white eats the apple and she goes in a deep sleep, a year later the prince kissed her and she woke up.
16. 17. 18. The title of the movies is : Indiana Raiders of the Lost Ark
It is directed by :Steven Spielberg
its an : Action movie.
It takes place : Inglaterra, La Rochelle, Tnez, Hawi y California. (1981)
Stars: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies y DenholmElliott;.
19. Its about:
Uponfleeingthe temple Indiana isconfrontedby rival archaeologist Ren Belloq and theindigenousHovitos. Surrounded and outnumbered, Indiana isforcedtosurrendertheidoltoBelloq and escapes aboard a waitingWacoseaplane.
TheUnitedStatesgovernmentwantstofindtheArkbefore Hitler and it decides tomeetwith Dr. Indiana Jones, anarcheologyprofessor at a smallcollege in New England
Hiredbythegovernmentforthatmission, IndytravelstoPatan, Nepal, where he isreunitedwith Marion Ravenwood,
Reluctanttosupportit, at first, she decides tojoinhimtokeeptrack of the Nazis. Bothtravelto Cairo, Egypt, where Marion becomesapparentvictim of anassassinationattemptagainst Indiana originally, whichisbelievedto die.
Afterlearningthat Marion isnotdead, bothtoteam up againtojoinSallah and retrievetheobject of worship
20. In the End:
In theprocess, allthe Nazis whowere at thesite, alongwithBelloq die absorbed throughthe supernatural force.
In theend, theArkisbroughttotheUnitedStates, whereitisstored in a secretwarehouse.