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MV Viewer's 3/14/12 Issue. Volume 59 Issue 9.


  • Parents often worry about their childrens behavior, or more often, their misbehavior.

    They always ask me what Im doing, where Im going and who Im with, said Alex Goetzke, 11.

    An article from the New York Times suggests that teenagers are making better choices today than their parents made themselves. This article cites decreases in smoking rates, marijuana use, and teenage pregnancy rates, among others, in the past three decades.

    For example, surveys conducted by Monitoring the Future (MTF) show that 60 percent of high-school seniors had tried marijuana in 1980, compared with just 45.5 percent now. Ramsey County is doing slightly better than the national average. According to a survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health, 42 percent of senior boys and 44 percent of senior girls have tried marijuana.

    There are some areas where Ramsey County students are doing worse than the nation as a whole. In 1980, 72 percent of high-school seniors had tried alcohol nationwide, which dropped to 40 percent in 2011. In Ramsey County, though, 51 percent of males and 53 percent of females had consumed alcohol in 2010.

    Students say they are making better decisions and are also learning from their parents mistakes.

    My mom used to smoke cigarettes. I dont think Ill be smoking anything for that matter, learning from her mistakes, said Christina Nelson, 10.

    Mounds View administrators seem to agree.

    I think they [cases of drug use or misbehavior] are decreasing, and students

    are having a better handle on what they put in their bodies and how they handle conflicts, said Doug Bullinger, assistant principal. Sure, there will always be more opportunities for making bad choices, but I think a lot of the students are navigating through it better than when their parents were in their teenage years.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Volume 59 Issue 9

    Mounds View



    MV student Blake Anderson passes away

    Caught in the MV Bubble

    Google overhauls its privacy policy

    photo by Youngjun Park

    by Nathaniel Nikoistaff reporter

    On March 2, Health Office Assistant Cheryl Hiner lost her job, frustrating students who relied on her to help them through difficult days.

    No one really knows why, said Sarah Stark, 12, who is trying to gain student and parent support for Hiners return.

    When asked about Hiner, Principal Julie Wikelius said, There was a staff change that came

    into effect Monday.Wikelius was not able to give the reason for the

    loss of Hiners position because of district personnel policies.

    Hiner herself said she doesnt know the reason why she lost her job. She said that Wikelius only told her that you dont fit in.

    Many Mounds View students believe that Hiner was an effective nurse and deserves her position.

    Cheryl [Hiner] has helped four people go to a mental hospital to get better. She cares about people, said Stark, 12.

    Stark posted a picture on the wall of the Facebook group Mounds View Memes that said, Mounds View...Y U Fire Only One Who Cares? Many students voiced their support for Hiners return on Facebook.

    Online, students are suggesting that Hiner may have lost her job because she allowed too many students to come to the nurses office to talk. Students claim that she was just helping students handle their problems.

    She cared for us not because she had to, but because she wanted to, Stark said.

    Hiner, who was new this year and still in a probationary period, said, I really believe in taking care of the physical and emotional health of the kids.

    In order to protest the staff change, students

    are planning a sit-in sometime in the future.Hiner is hoping this is not the end of the road

    for her at Mounds View.Id love to be back so I can help take care of

    the kids, said Hiner.

    by Peter Olsonstaff reporter

    Students frustrated by Hiners departure

    Cheryl Hiner, the Health Office Assistant, lost her job on March 2.

    Features 3Inside

    Parents believe teen behavior is worse than it actually isIts not what you think!

    Nationwide Marijuana Rates

    80 90 00 10




    Source: Monitoring the Future

    She cared for us not because she had to, but because she wanted to.

    -Sarah Stark, 12

  • Like so many other people, I have found high school to be a challenging stage of my life. The constant strain of stress and personal issues is enough to cripple even the most efficient of students, not to mention ones with more brutal circumstances. At age 15, I was diagnosed with severe depression and an anxiety disorder. As my mind became a darker, more foreign place, I forced myself to attempt to find someone to rescue me.

    The concept of reaching out to a trusted adult is one that is hard to grasp, and I only felt myself progressing deeper into my diseases as my hesitation got the best of me. The fact that Mounds View thrives on the idea of perfection often encourages students to cover up any of

    their issues; every student is pushed to reach their highest potential by neglecting their problems.

    It is in this brutal chase of flawlessness that students are often overwhelmed with life, and this is where the system fails them.

    Recently, Mounds View has made the decision that deans would be the ones to handle the entire student body. Like many students at Mounds View, I viewed my dean as someone who disciplined me; for so long I had associated them with such a bad light that seeking them out for emotional and mental assistance seemed impossible.

    Although Mounds View continues to employ a school psychologist, Mrs. Kurtoglu, she is hidden in the basement, her office the size of a closet.

    I would not be surprised if the majority of students didnt even know the location of her office. The lack of her presence in so many students lives force them to deal with the stress alone, stress that is inherently apart of any high school experience. The fact that we only have one psychologist to directly assist hundreds of students and their personal problems is unacceptable.

    Due to the lack of a designated professional, a person a teenager can trust will take them seriously, many students search for other outlets of support. Nurse Cheryl had the reputation of being one of the nicest and most approachable staff members at Mounds View, and was known for her support.

    Her absence may force students to take the same path I did. The lack of support I received from Mounds View eventually forced me to leave the school and attempt to recover at a treatment center located in Maplewood. Firing Nurse Cheryl will eliminate support for so many students, and there will be an increase in stories that are much like my own. Students who depended on her for support are now left with no one to confide in; that is where the problem lies.

    Editors Note: Cheryl Hiner was the health office assistant, not the actual school nurse.






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    Corrections from the 3/2/12 issue: The athlete of the issue was Steve Hokanson, not Bella Sutton.



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