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Principles of management



2. What is Motivation??Traced from Latin word movere, which means tomove.1. MOTIVE2. MOTIVATING3. MOTIVATION 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEENMOTIVE,MOTIVATING,MOTIVATIO NMotive Motivating Motivation Needs in Activating needs and Engagement in workIndividuals providing need behavioursatisfactionenvironment 4. NATURE OF MOTIVATION1. BASED ON MOTIVES2. AFFECTED BY MOTIVATING3. GOAL DIRECTED BEHAVIOUR4. RELATED TO SATISFACTION5. PERSON MOTIVATED IN TOTALITY6. COMPLEX PROCESS 5. TYPES OF NEEDS1. PRIMARY NEEDS2. SECONDARY NEEDS3. GENERAL NEEDS 6. REACTIONS TO NON SATISFACTION OF NEEDS Towards source FlightExternalisedPersonNon satisfaction Frustration AggressionTowards others of needs Inanimate objectInternalisedApathy 7. MOTIVATION ANDPERFORMANCEIndividual performance depends upon followingfactors:-1. Motivation2. Sense of competence3. AbilityRoleAmbiguity4. Role perceptionRole conflict5. Organisational Resources 8. ROLE OF MOTIVATION High performance level. Low employee turnover and absenteeism Acceptance of Organisational changes 9. Theories of MotivationMaslows need Hierarchy 10. Maslows need Hierarchy 11. Analysis of Maslows needHierarchy At every level of needs it can be seen that role ofindividual is very important since individual differ itmay not be quiet possible to prescribe onestandard version for solving motivationalproblems. 12. HERZBERGs MOTIVATION HYGIENE THEORY 13. ANALYSIS OF HERZBERGsMOTIVATION HYGIENE THEORY Does not attach much importance to pay , statusor interpersonal relationships which are heldgenerally as important contents of satisfaction.And also it is costly and time consuming process. 14. COMPARISON OF HERZBERGAND MASLOW MODELS 15. THANK YOU