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<ul><li> 1. /Students who want to be English teachers and students who dont/ Tomor Viktor &amp; Virgh Mercdesz </li></ul> <p> 2. Motivation is one of the main determinants of second foreign language (l2) learning achievement. Robert Gardner and Wallace Lambert, who grounded motivation research in a social psychological framework. The main problem it was influential 3. In General, motivation is the neglected heart' of our understanding of how to design instruction (Keller, 1983, quoted in Dornyei, 2001: 116). Lot of education-oriented publications providing taxonomies of classroom-specific motives. My aim is to familiarise these techniques and strategies for motivating foreign language students. 4. Few things about the teacher / learner relationship. This relationship is riddled with power and status. Rights and duties of teachers and learners are related to power. They have the right to punish those learners who misbehave. It is the hardest task 5. learning should be fun any motivation problems that may appear should be ascribed to the teacher's attempt to convert an enjoyable activity school activities are inherently boring school activities are unrewarding must rely on extrinsic rewards and punishment 6. Cannot work in a vacuum There are certain preconditions to be met before any attempts to generate motivation can be effective. Some of these conditions are the following: a) appropriate teacher behaviour and good teacher-student rapport; b) a pleasant and supportive classroom atmosphere; 7. c) a cohesive learner group characterised by appropriate group norms Appropriate teacher behaviour and good teacher student rapport teacher has a motivational, formative, influence on students teacher behaviour is a powerful motivational tool' 8. a tense classroom climate can undermine learning and demotivate learners a safe classroom climate students can express their opinions feel that they do not run the risk of being ridiculed learn and support of their learning efforts organise and manage the classroom as an effective learning environment. 9. motivation is the neglected heart' of our understanding of how to design instruction by sticking to the language materials discipline their refractory students they will manage to create a classroom environment Language is part of one's identity used to convey this identity to others. it involves the adoption of new social and cultural behaviours and ways of thinking. 10. tolerance patience different agesdiffrent tricks to enourage them to learnhardest task kind of little rewards make them happy,feel satisfaction necessary to set targets 11. The context of research Find out what circumstances influence the decision of the English majors by choosing a translation/interpretation specialization. Research among fellow schoolmates (with the intention to come up with up-to-date results). Online questionnaire 12. Why do English majors choose a Translation specialization instead of a Pedagogy course? What is the crucial decision behind the specialization of the English majors? Is it really necessary to distinguish the two specializations, namely translation and pedagogy? Why dont they want to be English teachers? What other factors influenced their decision? Did you regret your decision by choosing Business English and Translation specialization? What motivates you in translation/interpretation? 13. The translation profession is considered to be more prestigious than being a teacher. The majority claimed that better opportunities, in terms of career, self- improvement and financial security can be achieved with translation specialization. It can be a real asset if you want to learn at a multinational company. 14. Fear and lack of abilities to fulfil a teachers position. Being in a superordinate position is something which everyone afraids of. 15. A convincing number said that due to the low- prestige of teaching and the lack of adequate benefits they would not became teachers intentionally. Because it is not a well-honoured job in Hungary not to mention the disappointing salary. The salary of a teacher is low. Because I think teacher is a low-prestige job and underpaid. 16. Family pressure and lack of specialization selection were among the determining factors in each of the participants case. 17. They consider translation a good way to improve ones proficiency not to mention the joy of this process. Instrumental motivation is turned out to be the most important factor. Money, self-esteem, success. I also enjoy it. 18. Instrumental motivation is in the centre of most students conceptions. The questionnaire highlighted those circumstances which many people would like to avoid, namely presenting in front of a crowd. Both of the specializations require different knowledge and methods. People wish to achieve things faster in their lives. </p>


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