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Motivating Employees - Presentation for MGMT110


Motivating EmployeesSepideh Samadi 3566717 Payam Haghparast 3247010 Sabah Naseer Ahmed 3254550 Huzeifa Karachiwala 3544436

MOTIVATION-The Internal ProcessLeading the behavior to satisfy needsNeed Motive Behavior Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction

PERFORMANCE = ABILITY x MOTIVATION x RESOURCES Content Motivation theories-focus on identifying peoples needs in order to understand what motivates them. a. Needs Hierarchy b. ERG theory c. Two-factor theory d. Manifest needs theory

Needs Hierarchy

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ERG Theory



McCellands Needs TheoryACHIEVEMENT



Vrooms Expectancy order to achiev e.. that I can realize..

Equity Theory It focuses on employee perceptions as to how fairly they think they are being treated compared to others. Key elements: Input Output Compensation v=LS0G3vMBiV0

Reactions of employees who feel that they are being underrewarded.1. They will reduce their inputs-less work, long coffee-breaks, sick on Mondays & will leave early on Fridays. 2. They will try to change the outputs or rewards they receive-they will lobby the boss for a raise, or pilfer company equipment

3. They will distort the inequity.-will exaggerate how hard they work so they can complain they are not paid what they are worth. 4. They will change the object of comparison-they may compare themselves to another person instead of the original one. 5. They will leave the situation-they will quit, transfer, or shift to another reference group. Useful recommendations; a. Equity is based on perceptions. b. Rewards should be equitable. c. High performance should rewarded.

Myths About Employee Motivation Myth #1: I can motivate people. Myth #2: Money is a good motivator. Myth #3: Fear is damn good motivator. Myth #4: I know what motivates me, so I know what motivates my employees. Myth #5: Increase job satisfaction means increased job performance. Myth #6: I cant comprehend employee motivation, its a science.

Theory X And Theory Y





Sonys Varied Training Programs

Sonys Code Of Conduct. Targets new employees to senior executives. Sony offers approximately 200 technical courses for their personnel. Helps employees to fully demonstrate their abilities. Fosters greater motivation, which enhances Sony's dynamism.

Compensation SystemsSony has consistently initiated new evaluation and compensation systems with a forward-looking perspective. Work is reflected in compensation. This is based on the concept of Contribution = Compensation (C = C). Periodic performance reviews by managers. Reward system that evaluates the contributions of employees.

Diversity Is the Value Sony Cherishes.

Sony is strongly committed to diversity among their employees. Diversity makes it possible to respond to constant change and innovation. Sony believes that a diverse workforce culture motivates its employees. Accepts diverse values, characteristics, and cultures which makes the employees feel comfortable.

Sony Helps Motivate Other Companies Too!

Companies believe in incentive programs to influence behavior and drive sales. Sony provides incentives to companies in forms of Digital Still Cameras and Walkman players. It easy to meet performance goals with compelling programs packed with the latest trend-setting devices.

Various Incentives Offered By Companies

Washington Mutual, Inc.

North America's seventh largest bank, selected an incentive trip to the island of Kauai in Hawaii as the incentive reward for its top achievers.

Incentive RewardEmployees were rewarded with a camping trip. The site was alive with areas to explore: a roadhouse game room, a coffeehouse tent, a tattoo parlor, and a Rebel Alley featuring a selection of midway games. Classic rock music played throughout the meal. Several noted rock legends then took the stage for a private concert for the cheering, dancing crowd.


South African supermarket chain with 265 stores, opted to rebuild its corporate image, emphasizing on respect, dignity, and freedom for all individuals. Entitled "Dare to Dream," the incentive program would reward employees who provided excellent service.

Current Motivational Issues For many people, a lack of reward? Why do something for nothing? People want something in return and think they deserve something for whatever they do. Laziness is a problem with motivation. It may be easier to not do something than to do it. v=dGiQ0ASC_wg&feature=related



What Motivates Employee To Stay Great Motivators Full appreciation for job well done. Be part of decisions. Open communications. Interesting & meaningful work. Good relationships at work.

Appreciate The Employee Stress the positives. Say Thank You! Praise workers for going the extra mile Reward Employees You get what you reward (B Nelson). Train-Train-Train.

Include In Decisions Ask how you can use more of their talents. Ask what they would change Ask for their ideas and how you can put the ideas into action.


Communicate Tell them exactly what you want Then let them do it! How can I help you succeed? Discuss organization and individual goals Ask about their goals. Share information Let them know what is happening. Refuse to gossip.

Meaningful Work 75% of employees think they have a direct impact on organizations success. Tell them how their job is important.

Good Relationships At Work Get to know your employees. Be sure everyone shares information. Apply the same standards to everyone. Continually stress equal, fair treatment for all. Celebrate! Have fun!


More Motivational Techniques PERSONALLY congratulate employees for a job well done. Write personal notes about good performance. Send Birthday and holiday cards. Use performance as basis for promotion. Celebrate successes with them.

Rewards Monetary raise/bonus (merit/one-time merit) Administrative time off Office party/brunch/luncheon Certificates/mementos Training opportunities

ANDDont Forget Mentor employees. Coach employees. Discuss performance throughout the year.

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