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<ul><li><p>2014survivalguide</p></li><li><p>preliminary agenda:</p><p>Thursday 21/813:30-18:00 Introduction and workshops (topics: section structures and challenges, fundraising and getting sponsors)18:00-19:00 Dinner19:00-?? Fun Night Activity</p><p>Friday 22/89:30-10:00 Breakfast10:00-10:30 Drive to Musn10:30-11:30 Workshop (topic: TBD)11:30-13:30 Set up camp/lunch13:30-17:30 Training Stations (topics: recruit-ment and motivation of members, personal development, project/event management)17:30-18:30 Team building activity18:30-19:30 Dinner19:30-?? Fun Night Activity</p><p>Saturday 23/89:00-10:00 Breakfast and break down camp10:30-11:00 Back to campus11:00-13:00 Workshop (topic: section image and promotion)13:00-14:00 Lunch14:00-15:30 Workshop (topic: TBD)</p></li><li><p>what to bring?</p><p>- Sleeping stuff (blanket, pillow, sheet... whatever you think you will need)</p><p>- Clothes that you dont mind to get dirty (we will be out in the forest, sitting on logs and grass) or a collapsable chair perhaps?</p><p>- Insect repellant and sunscreen</p><p>- Alcohol (if you want to drink, we wont stop you, but we also wont provide it for you!!)</p><p>- Umbrella (we cannot control or predict Vxj weather)</p><p>- Food will be provided, but if you have an allergy or disgust of something that you hav-ent told us about, think about bringing your own stuff</p></li><li><p>where we will be:</p><p>When you arrive in Vxj, someone will be there with the ESN or VIS flag to pick you up. Make sure we know your updated travel information, by emailing If something goes wrong in your travel, call Amber at +46 76 587 90 32.</p><p>We will spend the first day at Linnaeus Uni-versity in a classroom. That night you will sleep in the apartments of generous hosts from VIS on the campus.</p><p>The second day we will go up to the small island Musn in the very north of Vxj. We will take a minibus. There we will camp in tents provided by VIS and ESN Sweden. We are looking into getting some cushy mat-tresses to put under you as well so you dont have to sleep on the ground. If the weather is really mean to us, we will stay on campus. And I hope you like real camping, because there is no toilet on the island (we got you covered, dont worry)! </p><p>Saturday we will return to campus after breaking camp and be again in the univer-sity for final workshops.</p></li></ul>