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Motion Offense. “It’s in the small details” Presentation to CT Coaches Convention January 10, 2010. Which Offense? Which Direction?. Transition Offense. Settled offense. Motion Offense (cont.). Rules Ball—ATTACK Next to ball? LEAVE Ball ALWAYS has R+L option Keys MOVE the ball! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Its in the small details

    Presentation to CT Coaches Convention January 10, 2010

  • RulesBallATTACKNext to ball? LEAVEBall ALWAYS has R+L optionKeysMOVE the ball!Move/Cut with a purposeCommunicate

  • X123Rules (cont.)

  • GClearMidfieldOffense

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6Motion Offense (3x2x2)

  • Set at 15Ball-ATTACKTake-on ArtistNext to the ball? LEAVE2 away? R+L Option Pop out Othersbalance the set

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6Motion Offense (3x2x2)

  • Prepare to catchC-cut and V-cutTriple ThreatPass and MOVE Draw and DumpBack out of double team

  • Rules Next to ball? LEAVEBall ALWAYS has R+L optionKeysMove/Cut with a purposeBalance the Field/Clear SpaceOccupy a defenderUse one anotherscreen

  • If covered, V-cut; if un-covered, C-cutReceive outside 12m

  • Pass and MoveBallATTACK (triple threat)Next to the ballLEAVE 2 awaypop out (R+L) Othersbalance the set

  • X7X5X1X2X3X4X6Motion OffenseAfter Pop Out Pass

  • Next to the ball? LEAVEBut now screen awayUsing screensPATIENCE and timing! Other Rules still in effectPop outsBalance the set

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6Motion OffenseScreenDD

  • X2X1X7X5X3X4X6Motion OffenseScreenDD

  • Next to ballLEAVE Skip Passskipped player(s) cut Look at the SPACE! Also, 2v2 situationAs always, Pop Outs and Balance set

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6Motion OffenseSKIPDD

  • Ed DuclosSouth Windsor High Schoolcoachduke@hotmail.com860-648-5000 x3256 (school)860-989-5092 (cell)

    Thanks to CT Lacrossethe opportunity to presentand ALL they do for us. Thanks to you*(Oh crap) The foundationyour team? Youth program? 2-12 approach (the picture I wantedrailroads)*Transition Offense=fast and slow breaks; Settled Offense=half-court set*Oh sure! U19 footage! Comparetheir opposite hand! High expectations for us and them!*These rules are for ALL OVER THE FIELD. If we have the ball, then these rules are ineffect.*ALL Settled sets come off of DCs, GBs, Forced Turnovers*Sets not plays *Sets not plays *Growth Mindsetdevelop the attack mentality (Anson Dorrance); one and done

    *Off Balldo not undercut*Timing becomes crucial!*Calls that create playsscreen for the ball, double screen on #1, etc.*