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  • 1.- Shashank Kapur

2. What is a Sauce ? Moist liquid component served with the dish. Adds contrasting and complementary flavors. Adds to the texture and enhances the taste. Adds visual interest to the dish. 3. Thickening Agents Roux- Refined flour cooked with equal quantity of butter. Types are White, Blond and Brown roux. Slurry- Cornstarch with water. Beurre Maine- Equal parts of flour and butter kneaded together Laison One part egg yolk and three parts cream. Butter Also adds shine. Blood 4. Bechamel Commonly known as white sauce. Made with one parts of white roux and 10 parts of milk. Made first by Louis de Behcamel, chief steward of King Louis XIV. 5. Veloute Literally means velvet. Made with blond roux and white stock( chicken, fish or veal). Very light and blond colored. 6. Espagnole(Brown sauce) Means Spanish. Dates back to the 18th century. Finest ham and tomato was said to come from Spain. Thickening rich brown stock with brown roux. 7. Tomato Sauce Traditional French tomato sauce is thickened with butter roux. More commonly associated with Italian cuisine. French recipe includes Tomato concasse, pork, vegetables, thickened with roux. 8. Hollandaise(Dutch Sauce) Warm, emulsified sauce. Based on egg yolks and butter. In French it means Dutch style. Since the sauce is heavy, it is served in less quantity and used primarily as a topping sauce. 9. Mayonnaise A cold emulsified sauce based on egg yolks. Constitutes of egg yolks , oil, vinegar or lemon juice. If not handled well, it can curdle. Very popular dipping and spreading sauce. 10. Derivatives 11. Bechamel Mornay (cheese sauce) Bechamel + Grated gruyere + liason Crme ( cream sauce ) Bechamel + fresh cream Oignons ( onion sauce) Bechamel + fresh cream + chopped onions Indienne (curry sauce ) Bechamel + cooked curry powder + onions + chopped tomatoes. Allemande (mushroom sauce) Velouete + chopped mushroom + liason Supreme( strained mushroom) Veloute simmered with chopped mushroom and strained + liason Aurore ( Tomato) Veloute + cooked and simmered tomato puree Cardinal (seafood sauce) Veloute + lobster butter + fresh cream Veloute 12. Espagnole Demi- Glaze ( jus) Equal parts of brown sauce + brown stock reduced to half Bigararde ( orange ) Demi- glaze + reduced red wine and orange juice + red current jelly Daible ( devil sauce ) Demi- glaze + reduced white wine + cayenne pepper Madiera ( wine sauce ) Espagnole + madiera wine Maltaise ( orange ) Hollandaise+ juice of blood orange+ orange zest Mousseline ( cream sauce ) Hollandaise + whipped double cream Moutarde ( mustard sauce ) Hollandaise + dijon mustard Choron ( tomato sauce ) Bearnaise + cooked tomato puree Hollandaise 13. Mayonaise Tartare Mayonaise + chopped gherkins + chopped capers + chopped herbs Thousand island Tartare sauce + ketchup Cocktail Mayonnaise + chopped shallots + ketchup + brandy + cayenne pepper Chantilly ( cream sauce ) Mayonnaise + stiffly beaten whipped cream Aioli (garlic sauce ) Mayonnaise + pounded garlic cloves 14. Thank You !


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