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  1. 1. Most popular upcoming cars of 2012 in IndiaToday people are not only demanding performance oriented cars butthey really want their cars to look stunning also. This demand hasmade automobile companies to work hard on both the aspects. In thenear future plethora of options will be kept in front of buyers fromdifferent automobile companies. Below list is mention of most popularupcoming cars of 2012 in India.Renault ScalaTill now 7th September is that date fixed for its launch. Renault Scalawill be more like Sunny and its price range is expected to be near Rs5.9 lakh. This French Automaker is all set to be more firm in the Indianmarket and thats the reason of aggression in their marketingstrategies. Overall this car is believed to be amazing in its performanceas well as look wise.Mahindra QuantoMahindra cars are very well known for their powerful performance. It isexpected that this car will be equipped with third row of seat and thusmaking Quanto a seven seater. Best part is that last row can also befolded. It will be powered by a 1.5 litre CRDi engine which helps it inperforming amazingly.Nissan Evalia XVThis MPV is going to be amazing and joint families will be definitelytrying this out. 25th September is the final date for its launch and it willbe out in four variants and all of them will be strictly diesel cars. It willbe equipped with the 1461cc engine mated with five speed manualtransmission gearbox. Evalia seems to be creating good amount ofdifference in peoples life.Mercedes Benz B ClassMercedes is one of the trusted names in the automobile market andcars from this company have always made people go crazy for it. Itwill be available in both petrol as well as diesel version. The expectedprice of this car is Rs 23-29 lakh but its not final yet. Interiors will betruly out of this world. If you can afford this car then just wait for it.
  2. 2. Ford Endeavour NewSeptember is believed to be the month for the launch of this amazingcar. It is expected that Ford Endeavour will originate from Rangerwhich is there in Asian region through CKD route. Endeavour is alreadyvery much liked by the people and when it is about its modificationsthen surely people will be totally crazy to have it.For more information about new car prices, car dealers, car financeIndia visit which is a top rank car portal.