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Most Popular Coffee Brands

Most Popular Coffee

While we would prefer that everyone drank healthy organic coffee the fact of the matter is that the most popular coffee brands are somewhat more common.

Fortune wrote about the top 5 American brands.

High-end, fair-trade, organic coffee beans might seem to be the only kind of coffee people drink now, but it turns out that the most popular coffee brands in America arent really all that special.

Keurig Green Mountain GMCR -1.85% controls about 20% of the U.S. coffee retail market, thanks to its convenient coffee pods. Sales of coffee pods have grown tenfold since 2009.

The runner-up, Folgers SJM 0.20% , is known for selling huge cartons of pre-ground coffee beans. And while Starbucks SBUX -0.05% sells high-end coffee, the fourth and fifth most popular coffee brands arent particularly fancy, either.

The ranking of the top 5 sellers with sales in billions is this:Keurig, $2.57 billionFolgers, $1.56 billionStarbucks, $950 millionMaxwell House, $820 millionDunkin Donuts, $420 million

Major factors for many people when they buy coffee are convenience and price.

That being the case where are prices going both for the most popular coffee brands and the high end fair trade organic variety?

Coffee Supply, Prices and Investing

Seeking Alpha is a business website. They look at coffee as an investment opportunity. Profit from investments is dependent on supply and demand.

Their belief is that prices are going higher for the most popular coffee brands as well as for organic and fair trade coffee.

What can be stated with a larger degree of confidence is that the current world coffee prices, as well as the ETN we are interested in, look pretty cheap.With demand increasing and supply going the opposite way over the last 3 years and stocks of coffee going down despite 2014 over the same time period, coffee prices might see a change in direction in the longer term.

The point is that with lower supply and higher demand price will go up.

Prices will rise faster and higher for scarcer coffees than for the most popular coffee brands which are generally more average coffees.

You Need to Try It to Like It

Organic, fair trade and other high end coffees owe a debt of gratitude to Starbucks and other coffee chains that have introduced higher quality coffee to American consumers.

Once you go for coffee house coffee you will find that the most popular coffee brands have more to do with quality and less to do with price.

Whether you like plain black coffee like mom made in Des Moines (Americano) or espresso like you first tasted in Italy better beans make better coffee.

And healthy organic coffee has substantially fewer impurities than the regular kind.

The antioxidants may be the same but the taste of most Colombian organic coffee brands outshines the most popular coffee brands by price in the USA.

If you want the best look for organic certification and think Colombia. And if you want the best kind of bean think Arabica.