most popular apps for iphone app development in 2011

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Most Popular Apps For iPhone App Development In 2011

Welcome the end of the year by downloading and integrating your good old iPhone with some of the best apps in the market. We are sure you would have heard of the apps given below, if you havent we assure you that every one of them is worth the download.

Google Translate:Yup, you heard right. Dont think what is Google doing in the Apple forte, but lets face it Google translate is one of the best systems in the planet, and this is a small gift from the world of Google to the world of Apple. The app can quickly translate spoken words into the desired language in text.

Nike Training Club:

If you want to get into shape in the next year and thats your resolutions, the iPhone app has never been more useful to you. You have a separate app for women and men too. You get to keep track of the workout regime and you can time the workout and see how you can manage. The app has been developed after a lot of extensive research, so you know you are in the right hands. It allows you to set your own goals, music and regime too.

The Eatery:Speaking of healthy living, with this iPhone App you are getting the right app that is going to keep your craving under control. You will be happy to know that this is one app that is going to give you the right calorie count and you can get the best eating habits over time when you have this app in hand. Now you dont have an excuse to be unhealthy and have bad eating habits anymore.

Facebook:How can we forget the app specially designed by iPhone App Development for your Facebook needs? Facebook and iPhone the huge IT giants are finally integrated. This is sure to be one of the most used apps in the entire time that iPhone was in existence as the social networking giant has so many millions of members.

There are so many other apps to add too, however, we stuck with the most popular. While there are so many apps in iPhone Application Development it was hard to narrow them down, but here they are, all yours to be enjoyed in 2012 just as much as you would have enjoyed them in 2011.