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1. Lets go on aMoshling HuntSignature Pedagogies withTechnologies in the Early YearsDerek P. RobertsonEducation Scotland@derekrobertson 2. Lets play guess the 3. DJ Quack 4. Burnie 5. Hansel 6. How well do we know the digitalworlds that younglearners inhabit? 7. Technologies should raise thebar of expectation and aspiration oflearners 8. Search for your desired technology.all of it! 9. Is this practice becoming whatone may refer to as a SignaturePedagogy? (Shulman 2005) ..form habits of the mind, habits of the heart and habits of the hand. 10. Listen to the detail and theconsideration of audiencethat is in this tutorialChildren situated inculturally relevant contextsthat invites them into thelearningIntegration of a range ofcontemporary technologiesto extend and enhancelearningThe chance to take thelearning to place theydetermined