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Mortgage Refinance Opportunities! Historic Low Rates*


  • 1. Refinance! Put Money Back in Your Pocket
  • 2. Reasons to Refinance
    • Lower Your Interest Rate
    • Reduce Monthly Payment
    • Change Term to New Term
    • Combine Mortgages
    • Cash-out
  • 3. Replace Old with New The Time is Now
  • 4. Historic Low Rates are an Opportunity for Change
    • Dont wait for 2% drop in rates
    • Replace your higher rate with lower rate
    • Change an arm loan to a fixed rate
  • 5.
  • 6. Compare the Total Net Savings
  • 7.
  • 8. Monitor Your Options
    • Products and rates change constantly
    • Compare current financing to alternatives
    • Manage both and youll accumulate wealth
  • 9. Change/Consolidate/Cash-Out
  • 10. Talk periodically with your trusted loan representative Have them calculate and measure your cost of savings and gains.
  • 11. Stay abreast of the changes!
  • 12. Senior Mortgage Originator 20 Years Experience! Utilizing cutting edge technology and keeping you informed through the process and after * [email_address] NMLS# 218261 Summit Mortgage Corporation This is an Equal Housing Lender The information in this presentation can change without notice Peter Boyle 612 701 6816