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    Morrisville Town Council Regular Meeting April 9, 2019, 6:00 pm

    Town of Morrisville Mission Statement: - Connecting our diverse community to an enhanced quality of life through innovative programs and services.

    1. Call to Order

    2. Recognition of Sergeant at Arms - Officer Matthew Davis - Officer Davis has 6 years of law enforcement experience, 3 of those years served with the Town of Morrisville. He is currently positioned with the K-9 Unit.

    3. Invocation - Invocation by Town Attorney Frank Gray

    4. Pledge of Allegiance

    5. Adoption of Regular Agenda - Call for any conflicts of interest in relation to the proposed agenda.

    6. Consent Agenda 6.a. Approval of February 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes (deferred from March 26 meeting) -

    Erin L. Hudson, Town Clerk Action - April 9 20190212M.pdf

    6.b. Approval of February 25, 2019 Work Session Minutes (deferred from March 26 meeting) - Erin L. Hudson, Town Clerk Action - April 9 20190225M.pdf

    6.c. Approval of February 26, 2019 Meeting Minutes (deferred from March 26 meeting) - Erin L. Hudson, Town Clerk Action - April 9 20190226M.pdf

    7. Presentations

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    7.a. Morrisville Youth Leadership Council Presentation - Jerry Allen, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director

    8. 7:00 p.m. Public Address - Public Address Period will begin at 7:00 p.m. for no more than 30 minutes.

    9. Action Items - To include any items removed from Consent Agenda 9.a. Resolution Appointing a New 2019 Vice Chair of the Planning and Zoning Board Due

    to Vacancy - Courtney Tanner, Planning Director Brief/Action - April 9 2019-074-0 Peak Supplement - PZB Chair Appointments 2019-074-0 RES PZB Chair Appointments 2019-074-0 ATTH 01 PZB Roster

    9.b. Resolution Appointing Advisory Board and Committee Members - Erin L. Hudson, Strategic Performance Manager Brief - March 12 Action - March 26, April 9 2019-47-0 Brief Supplement Bd Cmte Appts.docx 2019-47-0B RES Bd Cmte Appts 20190409.docx 2019-47-0 ATTH01 Applications_20190409.pdf 2019-47-0 ATTH02 Applicant Contact Info_20190409.pdf 2019-47-0 ATTH03 Supplement Question Matrix_20190409B.pdf 2019-47-0 ATTH04 Supplement Question Matrix_20190409B.xlsx 2019-47-0 ATTH05 Bd Cmte Appts Runoff Ballot_20190409.docx

    10. New Items 10.a. Resolution Approving Amendments to Appointed Public Bodies Administrative

    Policy - Erin L. Hudson, Strategic Performance Manager Brief - April 9 Action - April 23 2019-82-0 Peak Supp Apptd Pub Body Amend.docx 2019-82-0 RES Apptd Pub Body Amend.docx 2019-82-0 ATTH01 Apptd Pub Body Amend.pdf

    11. Future Meetings, Events and Citizen Involvement Opportunities - For a full listing of events, please see the Town Calendar at

    12. Council and Manager Comments

    13. Administrative Reports 13.a. Semi-Annual Records Audit - Erin L. Hudson, Strategic Performance Manager

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    Semi-Annual Records Disposition _ 2019 Spring Consolidated.pdf

    13.b. Morrisville Public Education Advisory Committee and Planning and Zoning Board Recruitment Update - Erin L. Hudson, Strategic Performance Manager Recruitment and Comm Memo.docx

    13.c. Retreat Follow Up - Martha Paige, Town Manager, and Jeanne Hooks, Assistant to the Town Manager/Budget Manager Retreat Follow-Up.pdf

    13.d. Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Preparation Update - Martha Paige/Town Manager and Jeanne Hooks/Assistant to the Town Manager and Budget Manager FY2020 Budget Update Memo.pdf

    14. Work Sessions 14.a. Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Update/Continued Bond Referendum Discussion

    (deferred from March 26 meeting) - Martha Paige, Town Manager and Jeanne Hooks, Assistant to the Manager/Budget Manager 2019-66-0 Presentation Project Updates.pdf 2019-66-0 Presentation FY2020 CIP Bond Referendum Work Session 03262019.pdf 2019-66-0 ATTH 01 - Comprehensive CIP Draft Handout.pdf

    15. Adjournment - Thank you for attending this meeting of the Morrisville Town Council. We hope you plan to join us again! Please feel free to email your Town Council members at, or visit for additional contact information.


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