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Morphing wings. Shaping a New Future for Aerospace Vehicles. Presentation by. Nitish Domale T.E. (Mechanical) padmashri dr. vitthalrao vikhe patil college of engineering ahmednagar. Email id : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Morphing wings-

Shaping a New Future for Aerospace VehiclesMorphing wings

Presentation by

Nitish Domale T.E. (Mechanical) padmashri dr. vitthalrao vikhe patil college of engineering ahmednagar.Email id :

Saurabh Dhaneshwar T.E. (Mechanical) padmashri dr. vitthalrao vikhe patil college of engineering ahmednagar.Email id :

What is MORPHING?introductionStructural Adaptability

Multidisciplinary optimizationAerodynamic adaptabilityMultirole vehicleAdaptive wingsbackgroundPerformance versatility in an Eagles wingsOrigin of IdeaActive wing transformation

Stages of developmentsParker Variable Camber WingsLIG-7


Boeing Dragonfly UAV

Virginia Tech BetaMaxWing design

Morphing wing prototype Wing twist

New wing design technologiesActive wings:Wing warpingSenses air flow

Reduces fuel burn

Modifies for optimum efficiency

Uses articulating winglets

Reduces drag

Distributes aerodynamic loading & improve lift at l0w speeds Smart wingsTechniques

Use of intelligent materials

Piezoelectric/Piezo-ceramic PneumaticElectro-Active Polymer Shape Memory Alloy Piezoelectric MotorElectromagnetsElectric Motor Hydraulic Shape Memory PolymerNastic structure

Nastic Tensile test at 20 psigNastic Tensile test at 50 psigNastic Tensile test at 100 psig11Bump flatteningTrailing Edge Deflection

Current researchComparison between conventional wing and morphing wing structures

Before morphingAfter morphingapplicationsF-14

AV8-B HarrierConclusionRevolutionary improvements in efficiency, safety of flight vehicles

Significant improvement in fatigue-life

Reduction in weight of load carrying components Improvement in high lift system

Future scope

Vertical take off & landingDevelopment of as-light-as air systemImprovement in uplift using tilt wings & with rotors.Short take off & landingReferencesWashburn, Lucas G. Horta, Robert G. Bryant David E. Cox, Emilie J. Siochi, Sharon L. Padula, and Nancy M. Hollowa Recent Results from NASA's Morphing Project NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.Staci Parker Development of Morphing Wing Simulation Tool Usin Anna-Maria R. McGowan, Anthony E. g Finite Element Modeling Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843-3141.Contributing writer J.R. Wilson Morphing UAVs change the shape of warfareT. Georges, V. Brailovski, D. Coutu, P. Terriault cole de technologie suprieure (TS), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.Morphing Inflatable Wing Development for Compact Package Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by David Cadogan and Tim Smith ILC Dover, Frederica, DE 19946 Frank Uhelsky ILC Dover, Frederica, DE 19946 and Matt MacKusick ILC Dover, Frederica, De 19946.Design of a Morphing Wing : Modeling and Experiments by Manoranjan Majji _, Othon K. Rediniotis and John L. Junkins Texas A& M University, College Station, TX, 77843-3141, United States.Design of Morphing Wing Structures by L. Iannucci and A. Fontanazza Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2AZ.AEROELASTICITY OF MORPHING WINGS USING NEURAL NETWORKS by Anand Natarajan, A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty ofVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.MORPHING WING Presentation by Roger Ohayon Professor, Chair of Mechanics Conservatoire National des Arts et Mtiers (CNM), Paris Scientijc Advisor, ONERA- Chtillon France.AVST Morphing Project Research Summaries in Fiscal Year 2001 Anna-Maria R. McGowan Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.Some Technological Hurdles and Cost Estimation of Morphing UAVs by Mazen A. Ba-abbad King Faisal Air Academy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Inflatable and Warpable Wings for Meso-scale UAVs by Andrew Simpson_, Jamey Jacob and Suzanne Smith Mechanical Engineering Dept. University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.FUTURE OF AEROSPACE Ing. Tudor-Mihai TOMESCU EADS, Manching, Germania.MORPHING WING DESIGN FOR ORNITHOPTERS by Mustafa Demetgul Marmara University Faculty of Technical Education Department of Mechanical Engineering Education Goztepe, Istanbul, Turkey Wendy Pino Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139 USA.Morphing Wing: A Demonstration of Aero Servo Elastic Distributed Sensing and Control by Sunil C. Patel Manoranjan Majji, Bong Su Koh, John L. Junkins, Othon K. Rediniotisx Department of Aerospace Engineering Texas A&M Engineering College Station, Texas 77840. Recent Development and Test of Inflatable Wings by David Cadogan, Stephen Scarborough, Dan Gleeson, and Anshu Dixit ILC Dover LP, Frederica, DE, 19946 USA Dr. Jamey Jacob, and Andrew Simpson University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 40506-0503 USA.

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