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MORIN computer

More In Software Solution

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COP : Communication Organization Program

CA-DESK : Tax consultant/Chartered Accountant Office Management

Advo-Office : Legal Case Data Management System

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Vidhyalay : School Management System ERP

eClassroom : Complete eLearning Solution for School

Student at Home : eLearning at HOME

Test Paper Generator : Paper Generator

MCQ : Multi Choice Quotation

APP : Student/Parent Alert SMS System.


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Based on SMS technology for Communicating Real Time informationTo manage Staff on move, Customer and Suppliers Cost Effectively, 24x7 and in unattended manner

Send regular updates Schedule messages to be sent Real time data available No human intervention Cost Effective & 24*7 in unattended manner.

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Open connectivity to any industry standard database Responsiveness

Unattended communication User Configurable

Plug and play

Many to one / Many to many messaging Priority setting

Backward integration

Data Insertion Through SMS

Communication through SMTP

Network Monitoring

Unmatched Features......

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Client :

GACL(Baroda) SUMUL Dary (Surat) Torrent Pharmachetuticals

Ltd (A'bad) Jai Ambe Vidyalaya Astral Polytechnik Pvt Ltd. NDDB A S Motors The List goes on ...

Useful for …o Corporateo Hospitalityo FMCGo Any service Providero Couriero Educational Institutionso Hotel Financial Serviceo Information technologyo Stock Brokingo Traderso Travel Agentso Automation Industry

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CA-DESK CA Desk is basically designed to organize an office work of CA or Consultant in an

efficient manner. It keeps all the details of Clients and Work Portfolio of that client i.e. Details of what

types of work we are doing for that client. Software will remind for work when it dues i.e. Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly /

Yearly. It also maintains Work Management i.e. stage wise work assignment to employees,

Update status by employees, Work Completed Register etc. Software can also maintain Work wise Documents and keeping soft copy of

documents, So later on you can view documents & take printout of the same, instead of looking for Physical file.

It also maintains Billing Register & Receipt Register. So you can get Statement of A/c of Clients, Outstanding Register etc.

Charm of any software is M.I.S. (Management Information System). Software will generate various reports that will assist you in Planning & Analysis of your Work.

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Legal Cases Data Management SoftwareAdvisable for : Advocates, Corporate, Courts, Legal EntitiesManage your cases in unique way by choosing “Advo-Office” Details of all cases are now at your fingertips

Get lot more reports, that helps you in analysing and planning

Disposal register maintained automatically, you can also analyse disposed cases by its result – won, lost, compromised, withdrawn etc…

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Maintains and history automatically


Maintains branch wise cases

Maintain client wise cases

Maintains client accounting-each transaction of debit and credit, selected entry reflection in billing-everything ‘password protected’

Maintains correspondence with the clients

Holiday list can be maintained which is automatically checked each time when you post a case-can also customized various options

Billing system can be managed advocate wise, client wise-you can also get the details of outstanding bills

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School Management System

Integrated School Management Software ERP.

It simplify end to end operation from admission to account. Contain module Student Management, Presence, Fee, Exam, Certificate etc... CCE, SCE and semester exam patterns support. Also support SMS.

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Paper Generator

Paper Generator takes an essay question and keywords as input, and generates creative high quality articles that are free of plagiarism, fully automatic in just a few seconds.

No matter what essay topic you have been given, our essay generator will be able to complete question paper without any hassle.

Paper Generator is the software you know you can trust, simply click your mouse button to produce work to amaze your teachers and professors.

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MCQMulti Choice Question

Support CBSE Board English medium

Score better in board and competitive examinations

Software has no holiday or excuses for work. 24 X 7...

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Student/Parent Alert SMS Solution

Instant Delivery

Send…With “Student Name”

Send…as many as SMS in a Single click

Send as per Your and Parents Need

Use from any Media : PC, Laptop, Tab or Smart Phone

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Student/Parent Software


1) No need of Computer at all, you can handle this software from your smart Phone / TAB only.

2) Work with Internet Connection or Mobile SIM card .

3) Unlimited Students – Insert / Import / Export Master Data

4) Attendance – Take – View / Import – Export / Mantain Attendance Register into your device(Mobile/Tablet) or cloud.

5) Predefined personalized messages for: a. Absent SMSb. Marks SMSc. Fees Reminder SMSd. General SMS and more …

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6) Send Local personalized SMS, by using your SIM or Internet.

7) Bulk personalized SMS possible through Internet.

8) Also Send personalized E-mail, by using Internet.*

9) Send Monthly Report to each Parent through Email, which will cover all attendance data and individual subject wise tests and marks.

10) Complete report of the particular student with attendance and marks.

11) Data is 100% Secure.

12) Instant Communication to their parent, whenever urgent requirement

13) Backup and Restore Facility is available for that same device.

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E-Learning Solution for School

Gujarat State Education Board and NCERT curricula for classes 1 to 10.

Comprehensive Digital Content Library covering over 15,000 topics

Subjects : Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Gujarati and English.

MyNetSchool has been implemented in over 7000 schools across Gujarat

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Since 1998

Satisfied Customers

Door step or Internet Online service Solution,

Experienced team members,

Solution within short time,

and above all excellence in services.

MORIN computer …

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