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We all want our wedding to be that one special and perfect day so why not make it that little bit different with one of our fabulous ideas from this Wedding Crafts guide. This second guide has 4 fabulous projects that can be made quickly and easily to make your day that little bit more unique.


  • 4 great wedding craft projects that you can make!

    Here are four unique wedding craft projects that you can make quickly and easily:

    Red Floral Guestbook Pen

    White Feather Guestbook Pen

    Flower Girl Wand

    Wishing Tree

    Red Floral Guestbook Pen

    You will need: Three single flowers or one bunch of flowers (flowers, from 1.50) A pen (1.99 for 10, here) 1 metre of twine (in store) Scraps of lace / lace trim (lace, 2.50 per metre or lace trim in store) Glue, or a glue gun (Hi-Tack All Purpose Glue, 4.99, or Stick it Hot Melt Glue Gun,


  • Method:1. Glue your flowers to the top of the pen by their stems.

    2. Wrap your length of twine around the pen.

  • 3. Cut two small strips of lace trim and glue them to the top of the pen, hiding any joints under the flowers

    White Feather Guestbook Pen

  • You will need:

    A feather (feathers, from 2.50) A pen (rollerball pens 5 pack, 2.99) 1 metre of ribbon (from 20c per metre, here) Embellishment of your choice (embellishments) Glue / sellotape (sellotape 1.99, glue from 1.50)


    1. Cut the end off the feather to shorten the stem.

    2. Sellotape this end to the top of your pen.

  • 3. Glue the top of your ribbon to the feather and wrap it around the pen, hiding the sellotape, until it reaches the bottom of the pen. Glue it in place to the bottom of the pen.

  • 4. Add any embellishments that you may want.

    Flower Girl Wand

  • You will need: A Wooden Dowel (availabe in store) A Flower (large fabric flowers, 4.99 each) Selection of ribbons (ribbons, from 20c per metre) Lace trim (available in store) Glue (selection of glues, from 1.50)

    Method:1. Cut the dowel to your desired length.2. Glue the flower to the top of the dowel by the stem.

  • 3. Wrap your ribbon around it a few times to hide the joint and cut it to the length that you want.

    4. Repeat this with your selection of ribbons and trims.

  • Wishing Tree

    You will need:

    Wishing tree (here, 47.50)

    Tags (glitter tags, 1.99)

    Hanging hearts (white and silver)

    Beads (here, from 1.99)

    Fabric Birds and Butterflies (here, from 1.50)

    Wishing trees are very popular and eyecatching for weddings. No only do thay look amazing, they also give guests the chance to sign their name and leave you some advice or good wishes. Use some glitter tags and one of the guestbook pens above to do this.

  • Perhaps you could also decorate it with some hanging hearts for an extra special look for your wedding.

    You could also use some fabric birds and butterflies to decorate the tree.

  • For a more funky and colourful look for parties, decorate it with wooden, glass or plastic beads.

    Have Fun Making Wedding Crafts!

    These are just four fun and creative wedding craft ideas that you can make yourself. All of the materials can be found at your local craft shop or online for an affordable price. Making your own wedding crafts is a really unique way of sharing your special day with your guests. Click the link below to visit our online shop, where all materials used are available to purchase.

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