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Sight words:Eyes on the WORDS!

Grade Level Words:Read SoundscouldawarbookerouooerirurauurirallorWorksheet -

Spell SoundsWhat did they do?

Direction Words:

Direction Words:Watch the vowels!crackicoaeeslslsleeteekeepOne of these words means something that is very smooth. Which word?One of these words mean Frozen rain. Which word?10clclcloakuckackclumpWhat is the middle sound of _________________?Which word has the middle sound _________?11Word Familyies-ing familyingrkjthpstbrflwdstrchz-ang familyangrlsgtpbbrjfdclch-ong familyongprlsgtpbbdwch-ung familyungrlssttoswhbrslflswclyoMore Word Families @

farmarararararfarmercardbarkparkfarfartstartsmartalarmherderererererBertnerdssternperkyfernsperchpermgermmertlebirdsiririririrbirthbirchsquirmQuirkyflirtfirmskirtdirtsmirkburpsurururururfurpursenurseturkeyblurtmurmerhurtspurtsmurfsfirmerurirerfirmeraffirmbirdperkfurfernshirtburpburnurpernirturnarmpchfwshDBUse the blends above to complete the word families23hgpBfDfmBjerdercharartermerkarmarchermarkMove or MatchWorksheet -

Spell WordsWere you with them?My sister is at the mall.She could play ball.Dry the dish with a cloth.Do not run in the halls.A thorn is on the rose bush.Worksheet -

Spell SentencesrecoverTrouble WordswithextinctgreatextralocatedprotectyoungmaterialsmiraclecolorsTrouble Wordscountrygiantgreatbroughtthoughtprotectwearwherewill?

Would you go swimming here? What might be in the water?30Mastery Check Level 21