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  • More Important than Money: Sleep

    The Problem with Your Clothes: Examining the Sustainability in Cotton Production Practices

    Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

    Spring 2012 | National University of Singapore

    ISSN 2164-4314

    Geoengineering: Changing Worlds

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  • THE TRIPLE HELIXA global forum for science in society


    Chief Executive OfficerJennifer Ong

    Chief of Global AffairsJacob Parzen

    Executive Editor-In-ChiefDhruba Banerjee

    Chief Production OfficerDarwin Chan

    Executive Director, E-PublishingZain Pasha

    Executive Director, Internal AffairsJennifer Yang

    Executive Director, Science PolicyFaisal Rahimi

    Chief Marketing OfficerManisha Kaura

    Chief Financial OfficerRobert Qi

    Chief Operating Officer, EuropeFrancesca Day

    Chief Operating Officer, AustraliaMadeleine Chan

    Chief Operating Officer, North AmericaMridula Nadamuni

    Chief Operating Officer, AsiaChin You Chuen


    Senior Literary EditorsHarrison SpechtJefferson ChenMary FeiMichael GrawPallavi BasuTitas BanerjeeVictoria Phan

    Senior Production EditorsLuna Chen, CornellJasmine Chuang, CornellHyo Jin Jessica Lee, CornellAndrew Kam, UChicagoAi Ming Chow, MelbourneCassie Yeh, BerkeleyElizabeth Seaman, Georgetown

    Senior E-Publishing EditorsAnna CollinsEdgar PalJae Kwan JangJohn LeeRahul Kishore


    ChairmanKevin Hwang

    Vice ChairmanErwin Wang

    SecretaryMelissa Matarese

    Alumni ChairJoel Gabre

    Finance ChairKalil Abdullah

    Board MembersManisha BhattacharyaJulia PiperJames Shepherd


    North America ChaptersArizona State UniversityBrown UniversityCarnegie Mellon UniversityCornell UniversityGeorgetown UniversityGeorgia Institute of TechnologyThe Harker SchoolHarvard UniversityJohn Hopkins UniversityUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of ChicagoYale University

    Europe ChaptersCambridge University

    Asia ChaptersNational University of Singapore

    Australia ChaptersUniversity of Melbourne

    The Triple Helix, Inc. is the worlds largest completely student-run organization dedicated to taking an interdisciplinary approach toward evaluating the true

    impact of historical and modern advances in science.

    Work with tomorrows leadersOur international operations unite talented undergraduates with a drive for excellence at over 25 top universities around the world.

    Imagine your readershipBring fresh perspectives and your own analysis to our academic journal, The Science in Society Review, which publishes International Features

    across all of our chapters.

    Reach our global audienceThe E-publishing division showcases the latest in scientific breakthroughs and policy developments through editorials and multimedia


    Catalyze change and shape the futureOur new Science Policy Division will engage students, academic institutions, public leaders, and the community in discussion and debate about the most pressing and complex issues

    that face our world today.

    All of the students involved in The Triple Helix understand that the fast pace of scientific innovation only further underscores the importance of examining the ethical, economic, social, and legal implications of new ideas and technologies only then can we completely understand how they will change our everyday

    lives, and perhaps even the norms of our society.

    Come join us!

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    Cover Article4 More Important than Money: Sleep Eric Bai, Brown

    Local Articles7 Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) You Chuen Chin

    9 Is the Red-Dead Conduit (RDC) the Solution to Reviving the Dead Sea? Jharyathri Thiagarajah

    12 The Problem with Your Clothes: Examining the Sustainability of Priscilla Tong Rui Qi Cott on Production Practices

    15 Geoengineering: Changing Worlds Shermaine Wong

    International Features19 College Tuition: The Growing Ineffi ciency of the Market for Zach Branson, CMU Higher Education

    22 Reading Reinvented: How Computers and the Internet are Infl uencing Latha Panchap, Cornell our Society

    24 Acupuncture: A Needling Medical Mystery Talia Rett er, UChicago

    27 The Death of the Physical? The Relevance of Primary Care and Jacob Ripp, Georgetown its Archaic Exam

    The Problem with Your ClothesSustainability of cotton practices12

    Age-related Macular DegenerationIncreasing attention

    GeoengineeringChanging worlds


    Cover Design courtesy of Eric Bai 15 and Maja Czemier-Wolonciej 13 from Brown University.

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  • 2 THE TRIPLE HELIX Spring 2012 2012, The Triple Helix, Inc. All rights reserved.


    Message from the PresidentDear Advisors and Readers of The Triple Helix,

    It is with great pleasure that my fellow members and I present to you another issue of The Triple Helix journal. I thank all contributors and team members for their passion in this endeavour.

    To all advisors, I express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your continual support. I am confident that with the collective efforts of the current members, The Triple Helix will continue to serve the NUS community well.

    As the team continues to grow, I urge readers to keep a lookout for upcoming activities.

    Thank you for your support.

    Best Regards,Mabel SeahPresident National University of SingaporeThe Triple Helix, Inc


    COO AsiaChin You Chuen

    President Mabel Seah

    Editor-in-ChiefMary-Ruth Low

    Managing EditorRebecca Tan

    Business Board DirectorMaximillian Chew

    WritersYou Chuen ChinJharyathri ThiagarajahRui Qi TongShermaine Wong

    Message from the Editors-in-ChiefDear Readers,

    As you might have noticed, the National University of Singapore has in recent years pushed for a more holistic and multidisciplinary approach to learning and communication strategies across all areas of study. With the approaches towards academic approaches constantly changing, The Triple Helix journal seeks to provide a platform for students who have a desire to communicate their thoughts and views on matters regarding Science, Society and Law.

    This Spring issue has our team excited after a hiatus last semester. While we recognize that communicating via writing in journals like The Triple Helix may not necessarily be the top priority for most students, we hope to garner more interest and inspire students to write and engage the wider audience, in turn gaining a broader perspective as well as an invaluable experience in seeing their hard labour bearing fruit.

    As we enter the following publication cycle, it is our team and our organizations hope that students will be excited and eager to exchange ideas and share their passions in the whys and hows of Science in Society.

    Sincerely,Mary-Ruth LowEditor-in-ChiefNational University of Singapore

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  • 3THE TRIPLE HELIX Spring 2012 2012, The Triple Helix, Inc. All rights reserved.


    Message from the CEOIn October 2004, a Cornell University freshman had the idea of putting together a student organization that would look beyond the intellectual appeal of science and make critical connections between science and its relevance to other disciplines that shape our society. The Science in Society Review, the first product of The Triple Helix, was published in 2005, and the concept became so popular that over the next two years, the organization would expand to fifteen other US chapters and into three international regions.

    We are constantly striving to be better. This was the year in which recent graduates played a more active role within the organization, thus building a foundation of collaboration and mentorship that we hope to maintain in the years to come. This was the year that we revamped our logo, created a new international website and standardized our international message. This was the year we instituted official social media outlets, shared our progress via monthly newsletters, reached out to local communities, and experienced ground-breaking attendance at both our annual conference and local science policy events. This was the year of new programs with the establishment of The Quanta (TTH@ASU), e-mentoring, podcasts, extra features, and alumni networks. And this year, we were proud to welcome UC Davis, Duke University, and the University of Oxford to our ever-growing list of TTH chapters.

    In the last eight years, weve grown a tremendous amount. Yet what makes The Triple Helix so unique isnt our Science in Society Review, our e-publishing division, our science policy podcasts, or even our extensive chapters, but our people. The Triple Helix would not be successful without the hard work, passion, and dedication of our writers, editors, leaders, and international team. So to everyone who has been involved in any capacity in this past year f


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