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Morality and Psychology. Dr Neil Levy Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne and James Martin 21 st Century School, Oxford University. Moral Relativism. A doctrine we can live with?. Aztec sacrifices. Moral Relativism:. Honor killings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Morality and Psychology Dr Neil Levy

    Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne and James Martin 21st Century School, Oxford University.

  • Moral RelativismA doctrine we can live with?

  • Aztec sacrifices.

  • Moral Relativism:Honor killings

  • The Trolley Problem

  • The Trolley Problem

  • Testing the rule: If someone works in the city, then they travel to work on the subway.

    CITYSUBWAYCABpersonalPersonal Dilemmas: BA 9/10 (medial frontal gyrus); BA 39 (angular gyrus). Impersonal dilemmas BA 7/40 (parietal lobe) BA 46 (middle frontal gyrus)

  • Wheatley and Haidt (2005)Congressman Arnold Paxton frequently gives speeches condemning corruption and arguing for campaign finance reform. But he is just trying to cover up the fact that he himself [will take bribes from/is often bribed by] the tobacco lobby, and other special interests, to promote their legislation.

  • Wheatley and Haidt (2005)Dan is a student council representative at his school. This semester he is in charge of scheduling discussions about academic issues. He [tries to pick/often picks] topics that appeal to both professors and students in order to stimulate discussion.

  • It just seems like hes up to something.

    It just seems so weird and disgusting

    I dont know [why its wrong], it just is.

  • Reasoning is Rationalization

    The Motivated Reasoning Problem: TheReasoning Process Is More like a Lawyer Defending a Client than a Judge or Scientist Seeking Truth

  • The Psychologists ChallengeMoral judgments are caused by our emotional responses, and therefore are not rational.

    Our emotional responses are not sensitive to reasoning.

  • Wason Selection TaskDeontic version.Testing the rule, If you drink alcohol, you must be at least eighteen.


  • The Iowa Gambling Task

  • The Psychologists ChallengeAre emotions sensitive to reason?

  • Implicit Association Test

  • Implicit Association TestBlackWhite

    Hurt, Agony Joy, Peace

  • Implicit Association TestBlackWhite

    Joy, Peace Hurt, Agony

  • Top Down Influences

  • Between subjects design Lever caseFat man case

  • Within subjects designLever case

    Fat man case