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  • The cover image and some other images contained within this brochure are the work of Yvonne Andrews, Moore Stephens Financial Management Limited

  • 3We are deeply committed to providing

    the highest level of professional

    expertise and client care across the

    full range of financial and consulting

    services that we offer. Our clients are

    local and international, government

    departments, businesses, charities and

    private individuals.

    We offer a highly personal service. In

    gaining a real understanding of the

    individual needs of each client we

    develop longstanding relationships and

    help to play a significant role in the

    management of their affairs over many

    years and indeed from one generation

    to another.

    Moore Stephens leads the way in

    the provision of the highest quality

    of personal services to businesses

    and their owners to support them in

    creating and preserving wealth.

    Our policy of continuing staff

    development and adherence to the

    highest standards of professional

    expertise keep us abreast of latest

    developments and we are therefore

    able to offer the services necessary

    to meet client needs both now and

    in the future.

    Clive Barton

    Senior Partner

    Moore Stephens Jersey is an independent member firm of one of the

    worlds leading accounting and consulting networks, Moore Stephens

    International Limited.

    Moore StephensJersey

    For further information, please contact:

  • 4Established in 1968, Moore Stephens Jersey has a track record of

    providing professional services to our clients, both private and

    corporate, and naturally has strong ties with local businesses.

    As we are located in an international finance centre, we also have

    a global perspective.

    An international firm in an international market place

    The Moore Stephens global network

    comprises like-minded professionals

    in over 95 countries. Each member

    firm reflects the essential core values

    of Moore Stephens investment in

    long-term relationships, focus on

    technical expertise and a commitment

    to absolute discretion.

    The network enables us to realise

    clients international aspirations

    and cross-border objectives,

    particularly issues such as national and

    international compliance, tax planning

    and international business structures.

    As the world becomes smaller, so it

    becomes more complicated. Our reach

    and experience allows us to assist our

    clients in their decision making, both

    for the present and future.

    If we cannot directly deliver every

    service required by our clients, we are

    able to call on the vast resources of the

    Moore Stephens International network:

    Moore Stephens Jersey co-ordinates

    and manages the whole process so

    that our clients only ever have one

    contact point.

    For further information, please contact:

  • 5With a business day that begins before

    Tokyo closes and continues well into

    New York trading time and close

    proximity to Europe but independence

    from the European Union, Jersey offers

    benefits in both location and time zone.

    The wealth of experience and expertise

    offered by Jerseys highly skilled

    finance service providers gives an

    unparalleled welcome to businesses

    and investors alike. This, combined with

    the Islands internationally recognised

    robust regulatory framework and

    its favourable geographical position

    continues to make Jersey an attractive

    jurisdiction for international business.

    Jerseys status as a Crown Dependency

    gives the jurisdiction constitutional

    rights of self-government and judicial

    independence. This offers both

    businesses and investors the benefits of

    an independent international finance

    centre, which is close to the United

    Kingdom and mainland Europe.

    Jersey is one of the worlds leading international finance centres.

    Its successful combination of stability, reliability, sophisticated and

    comprehensive infrastructure of laws have kept it at the forefront of

    global finance for over 50 years.

    About Jersey

  • 6Trust and Corporate Services

    The range of vehicles we administer


    Trusts and Foundations Companies registered in Jersey and

    other jurisdictions

    Managed Trust Company arrangements

    Private Trust Companies Special Purpose Vehicles Partnerships Ordinary, Limited or

    Limited Liability

    Protected Cell Companies

    Our key aim is to have a good

    understanding of our clients requirements

    at all times to ensure that their offshore

    affairs continue to be effective.

    International PlanningOur clients have diverse cross

    border requirements and, as such,

    we have considerable expertise

    in understanding international

    structures. Working with tax specialists,

    including members of Moore Stephens

    International Limited globally, and the

    clients professional advisers, we give

    guidance on the most appropriate

    vehicles to be used in a structure.

    International tax planning also

    encompasses estate planning for

    those clients with interests in more

    than one jurisdiction.

    PartnershipsIncreasingly, partnerships are used as vehicles for structured finance transactions and we have extensive experience and knowledge in managing these entities, including acting as General Partner, providing administration and specialist accounting services and arranging

    Partnership meetings.

    TrustsAlthough as old as the British legal

    system itself, a trust and more

    particularly an offshore trust, has

    become an integral part of wealth

    and tax planning. What started as

    a simple arrangement between a

    wealthy landowner (the Settlor) and a

    trusted friend or relative (the Trustee)

    and the landowners dependents

    (the Beneficiaries), has now become

    a sophisticated estate and succession

    planning tool governed by modern

    laws tailored to meet the needs of

    international clients to structure and

    protect their family or corporate wealth.

    A trust is one of the most secure and

    flexible ways to provide for the continuity

    of family assets and preserve their wealth

    from inappropriate or unwanted use.

    Other benefits of establishing a trust

    include anonymity, freedom of choice

    and reduced political risk.

    FoundationsFoundations are particularly attractive

    to clients in jurisdictions where

    the concept of trusts is either not

    recognised or is less well known; or

    where clients are keen to maintain

    control over generated wealth, and

    personally set the rate of flow of

    information to beneficiaries.

    Foundations can also be used for family

    and/or inheritance purposes, charitable

    purposes, owners of companies

    (holding or parent), commercial

    Working closely with our clients and their professional advisers, we

    provide bespoke and comprehensive offshore Trust and Corporate services,

    including the establishment and ongoing administration and accounting

    of appropriate vehicles, dependent on the clients requirements and the

    complexity of their affairs. Typical clients comprise private individuals,

    families and corporate bodies.

  • 7transactions (particularly where an

    orphaned special purpose vehicle

    is required) and employee benefits


    CompaniesJersey companies can be structured

    to meet a wide variety of business

    purposes from simple asset holding,

    such as real estate and investment

    portfolios, to more complex

    arrangements including structured

    finance, corporate restructuring and

    vehicles for accessing capital markets.

    Jersey is a tax neutral jurisdiction and,

    therefore, using a Jersey company for

    structuring international financing

    transactions can be beneficial in terms

    of company law provisions and tax

    treatment. The Companies (Jersey)

    Law, 1991, is the principal piece of

    legislation governing Jersey companies,

    which is similar, yet simpler, than UK

    company law and allows for greater

    flexibility. Other key benefits of

    Jersey companies include separate

    legal identity, limited liability for

    shareholders and ease of transfer of


    Our Trust, Foundation and Company

    services include:

    General consultancy regarding the most appropriate vehicle for

    structuring your wealth

    Formation of vehicles based in a number of jurisdictions

    Assisting with drafting of appropriate documentation

    Provision of corporate or personal trustees

    Enforcer Restructuring of existing trusts Ongoing administration, accounting

    and preparation of financial


    Registered Office, Directors, Company Secretary and Nominee Shareholders

    Corporate Council Member of foundations


    Stock Exchange Listing Listing on a major Stock Exchange can be

    an important step in the development of

    private companies by:


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