moondance designs by skylar foster the origin’s of moondance designs! there is a variety of white...

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Moondance Designs By Skylar Foster

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  • Moondance Designs By Skylar Foster
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  • The Origins of Moondance Designs! There is a variety of white rose called Moondance. It is a rose that is often used in Moon Gardens because of its fragrance and how it seems to glow in the moonlight! The rose also just happens to be my birth flower, so it was a great match! Moondance Designs was created on May 8, 2009 during our unexpected Swine Flu break.
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  • This business was created for the basic reasons of fun, the opportunity to make money, for the love of jewelry, and for a dear friend of mine.
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  • Beading Supplies are Everywhere! Ebay or Etsy buy supplies or sell finished products. Wal-Mart Hobby Lobby- this is were I bought most of my beads. Magazines Michaels Catalogs
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  • There are many different styles of earrings that I make but the simple styles have small/few beads and accents in their appearance. Simple earrings can also pass for the elegant look too!
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  • The elegant style is similar to simple styles, but elegance has the ability to fit in both casual and elegant fashion.
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  • The casual style can be seen on the streets everyday. They can be very trendy and lots of fun! An example of casual tropical is orange and pink reminding us of sunrises and hibiscus flowers.
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  • Prices Range from $5 to $10 depending on the amount of materials, labor, and packaging. Genders also have something to do with the quality of the items because the boys wear more of the dark, heavy jewelry that girls dont, necessarily, sport to the public.
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  • If you didnt catch it earlier, you can make a purchase either on ebay or you can find me between classes and Ill make sure you get what you want. The only discount on the jewelry is when you provide the materials. Jewelry repair prices start at.50 cents per piece.
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  • ~New Additions For the future~ Bracelets and Necklaces for Boys and Girls!!!
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  • [email protected] Or Talk to me in person.