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  • Moondance by Van Morrison

  • 2 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |


    Quickguides 8 and 9 are the basic parts from Van Mor- rison’s original version of Moondance.

    Now I did a video showing a specific way to play through Moondance before - and whilst there are similari- ties, this tutorial is based on the original recording and is much more authentic. (Though depending on the

    situation you are playing it, you might want to tone down the jazzier ele- ments...that’s a working choice that needs to be made).

    I won’t cover all the parts either...but there will be enough variety for you to mix and match parts to create your own authentic sounding sections if you don’t have the full transcription did previously in FB&B.

    Let’s get started with the intro:

    Next up is a 16 bar verse. This is Verse 1:

  • 3 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    After the verse there is a section - I guess it’s the pre-chorus - but I often think of it as the bridge or the transition. Here’s the first one:

  • 4 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    And here’s the first chorus. The chorus is one part of the tune that re- mains faithful and constant throughout - there is unison playing in this section so no chance to ‘stretch out:’

    These sections could be repeated - or if you want some variations, there are some in the remainder of the lesson. Most of the variations take place in the verse rather than the bridge or chorus - although there are minor variations in the bridge.

    Next up is Verse 2 - that looks like this:

  • 5 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    As I said above, you could use the original bridge. I have transcribed and filmed the second bridge if you want further variations or variation ideas. That looks like this:

  • 6 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    Here’s what the bass line plays under the solo so you’ve got yet more variation options to learn:

  • 7 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    The final section that you need to learn - which also has some variations you can use in other played sections if you wish - is the outro verse. This is 12 bars instead of 16, with a 4 bar tag that ends the tune. This section looks like this:

  • 8 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

  • 9 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    How To Program The Sections In Band In A Box

    If you want to program the sections in Band In A Box to use the slow down features, or the chordal metronome, or the woodshed feature, here’s what you need to do.

    1. Set your key to Am. 2. Choose a style to play with. If you’re getting towards performance tempo (which from memory is around 140 BPM) then you might want to use one of the jazz styles to give you an authentic feel to play with. If you’re playing at slower tempos then use the ‘chordal metronome’ op- tion. (see separate lesson on this.) 3. Program the specific chunks you wish to practice.

    When programmed the verse looks like this:

    The transition or pre-chorus or bridge looks like this:

  • 10 | Working Basslines Vol 2 | Moondance |

    The chorus doesn’t lend itself to programming. The only other section you’ll need is the outro verse:

  • 11 |̀ Moondance |


    You can find the full details here:

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    The link with the details again:


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