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This presentation have all what you need to present about Monsoon winds, even it's types. If you want to learn geophysics/geology visit my blog


<ul><li> 1. Monsoon WindsMuhammad Jahanzeb Malik01-161122-066</li></ul> <p> 2. Contents What are Monsoon Winds. Types Of Monsoon Winds. Summer/Winter Monsoon Winds. Importance/Effects Of Monsoon 3. Monsoon Winds An interchange of air between the landand oceans due to unequal heating andcooling of continents and oceans is knownas monsoon winds. Monsoon Winds are source ofprecipitataion. Ex. West African , Asian , AustralianMonsoon Monsoon Systems. 4. Types Of Monsoon Winds Summer Monsoon Winter Monsoon Indo-Pak 5. Summer Monsoon (Indo-pak) Monsoon Winds Which Blow From Waterbody To land. Coming From Bay Of Bengal. Stopped By Mountains. SE To NW. 6. Winter Monsoon ( Indo Pak) Monsoon Winds which blow from Land towater body. Sub Continent To Bay Of Bengal. Land To Water Body. High Altitude To Low Altitude. N/W To S/E. 7. Effects of Monsoon Winds Monsoon winds cause rainfall in pak/india. Pak/india both depent upon agriculture. Agriculture is gamble of rain. Economic Importance Water Needs of country.</p>