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Monotheistic Religions

Monotheistic ReligionsChristianity, Islam, JudaismJesus of NazarethA Jewish teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, preached a message of love and forgiveness.

Jesus attracted many followers and enemiesHis enemies, the Roman leaders, had him executed

Foundations of ChristianityChristians (followers of Jesus) believe that Jesus was the son of GodReason- according to the Christians Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after he was executed.

Two of Jesus followers, Peter and Paul, established the Christian Church in RomeChristianity became Romes official religion in A.D. 392

Christianity is based out of the book called the BibleChristian Leaders

Jesus of NazarethPeterPaulMajor Branches of ChristianityRoman CatholicProtestantEastern OrthodoxPentecostalPresbyterianAnglicanBaptistMethodistLutheranJehovah's WitnessLatter Day Saints (Mormon)AdventistMennonite

Fast Facts about ChristianityWorship: God

Teacher: Jesus Christ

Holy Cities: Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Book: The Bible

House of Worship: Churches

Holy Days: Christmas and EasterDate: about 33 CEFollowers: Christians# of Followers: 2 billionRank: 1stLocation: Europe, N. America, S. America, AfricaText: BibleClergy: Priests, ministers, pastors, bishopsHouse of Worship: Church, chapelDay of Worship: SundayTo Write in Your Religion ChartThe Spread of Christianity

Islam600 AD the prophet Muhammad founded the religion of Islam

Followers called Muslims

Located: Southwest Asia, North Africa, and parts of EuropeIslamic BeliefsMuslims believe:Muhammad was the last of a series of holy prophets that included Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.Muslims believe that Allah is the only God and that Muhammad was his messenger.

The Quran is the collection of Allahs word written by Muhammad.

Islam Fast FactsWorship: Allah

Teacher: Muhammad

Holy City: Mecca

Book: Quran

House of Worship: Mosque

Holy Days: Ramadan

Map of Islam

To Write in Your Religion ChartDate: 622 CEFollowers: Muslims# of Followers: 1.3 billionRank: 2ndLocation: Middle East, Southeast AsiaText: QuranClergy: ImamsHouse: MosqueDay of Worship: FridayDate FoundedUnknown

But is known as the oldest religion of the Western World

Followers CalledJews

Number of Followers14 Million

12th largest religion in the worldLocationIsrael


The United States

Sacred TextJewish Bible

Made up of only the Old testament

Sometimes known as the Torah


House of WorshipSynagogue

Main day:Saturday

HolidaysRosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year)Yom Kippur (a Day of Atonement or confession Chanukah (a celebration of a military victory)Passover (a remembrance of the time the Hebrews lived in Egypt)


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