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DESCRIPTION are very popular theme for birthday parties and there are tons of monkey-themed cards around. But if you are looking for good quality cards with customization capability and premium card stock, then the choices are much fewer.Here are a collection of Monkey party invitations by Tiny Prints that I really like. You can play around with the personalization by clicking the link above. Enjoy!


  • 1. Are you planning an Average, Typical and Booooooring birthday party?Yes: go get the average, typical and boring invitationsfrom drugstores.No: enjoy these colorful and cheerful creations andfind out where you can get them!

2. I did this invitationfor my daughters3rd birthdayparty at MonkeyJoes. It was perfectfor the theme andI loved the qualityof the printing andpicture.JenGilliam,North Carolina 3. Kreeda,Rhode IslandIt was so easy to personalizethis invitation. The colors werevibrant, just like the sampleonline. 4. I love this card, is very cute, good quality, the delivery was fast I wanted something very classy not like all those cards you find in the internet that are pictures. I am very pleased.Cinthyact,New Jersey 5. FourthEstherSouthCarolina This card is simple, playful and cute. I really liked being able to design the card so that I knew exactly what it would look like. Tiny Prints is my go to company for invitations. 6. I ordered these formy daughters fourthbirthday. As withevery Tiny Printsorder, the quality isPersuperb. I havereceived tons ofcompliments on theinvitation! NovaMama, Virginia 7. A moderntwist to thecartoon. Boththe birthday Permonkey and Ilove it! 8. Dont Get Your Card From The Drugstore!Instead, take these cute, fun andcheerful invitations with a modern twistavailable at your finger tips! out where you can get them here inthe link below.


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