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Literary Narrative: Draft 1I was very nervous entering high school for the first time ever. I didnt know what to expect or didnt know if I would be able to understand everything that would be taught to me. My first day in English 1 class is one that I will never forget. My teacher, Mrs. Smith, told us on day one that the things that we would be learning in her class will be completely different from our 8th grade English class. She started us off by doing grammar worksheets every day. Eventually I began to do better on them and I started to love her class. After my English class, I went to chorus, which is a class that I have been in since my 6th grade year in middle school. I have always loved to sing so I knew I would fit in perfectly. I had heard lots of good things about this class long before I even got to high school. My only problem was that I had never been a part of a choir of that capacity, so I was sort of nervous to sing out as I had done before. I went into class nervous and afraid to sing, but my chorus teacher, Miranda, made me a promise that by the time I became a senior that I would be one of her best students. From that day forward I felt right at home. At the start of my second semester as a high school freshman, I decided to try out for the advanced choir group at my school. I have never been more nervous in my life! Surprisingly, I got into the group and my teacher told me that she was so excited to have me in her ensemble. By the beginning of my tenth grade year I had grown to love English and I had begun to read many books in and outside of school. I took English 2 honors that year and I loved it. We read The Great Gatsby, which is now one of my favorite books. I remember reading that book in class and thinking This cant be work if Im enjoying it this much. I believe I liked that class so much because of how interesting my teacher made it. She wasnt too strict on us and gave us books to read that werent boring. In class one day, we had to take the ACT, which is extremely long and boring. I was terrible at taking long test and my scores were never what I wanted them to be. I actually took my time on the test and I noticed that the things we were learning in class was on the test. I scored well on it but I still wanted a higher score. I asked my teacher if we could possibly go over some ACT prep work and she loved that idea. Once a week, we would not do anything but SAT and ACT prep work. It helped my classmates and I out tremendously in the long run. During my 10th grade year of high school I was also in my very first musical, Tarzan. It was such a fun experience. I learned how to work well with my cast mates and I made many new friends during the process. We practiced so hard and put in so many long hours to prepare ourselves for this musical. In the end it paid off and we had an awesome performance. After the musical, we had our spring concert, which was only one month away. My teacher pretty much forced me to try out for a solo. After trying out, I found out that I actually had got it! It was so nerve racking to sing for the first time in front of such a large audience, but it helped me to get out of being afraid to sing in front of people. The summer of my 10th grade year I read so many books. Not that because anyone made me but because I actually was interested in the books I read. The first week of summer that year, I read the entire Twilight book series. Even I was surprised at how fast I read those books. I also read a number or books that were of a higher grade level so that I could prepare myself for my 11th grade English class; English 3 Honors. In English that year we did mostly grammar, literature, poetry and things of that nature. We also had to do a really huge research paper that was equivalent to three test grades. I didnt know much about plagiarism at that time, but I sure did learn quickly! I made an 80 on my paper, which I didnt think was fair to me at all. I worked extremely hard on it so I didnt agree with that grade. Apparently, I plagiarized on one little thing and it caused my grade to go down. I think she should have warned us about it if she knew that we had never really got in any trouble about that sort of thing. Around the same time I had to write that paper, I was also preparing to be a part of my second musical. We decided on Beauty and The Beast that year. I had a lead role this year so it made the musical even more exciting for me. I was so excited on opening night! I have heard so many people say that, that musical was the best one my school has performed in years. Of course that set a high standard for the musical we would perform my senior year of high school. Even though I was excited about having a great performance, I was also bummed out. I got my SAT scores back and they were terrible. I actually had thought that I had done better this go around. I began to read and study SAT words more often. I even started taking practice SAT workshops online. That was very helpful to me. At the end of my junior year I was still reading books any time that I got the chance to. I read the entire 50 Shades of Grey series within 3 days. I stayed up super late every night reading and I dont really know why. It is just something about a good book that I cant put it down. My senior year of high school was one of the best ever! We took a trip to Disney world with my chorus class and I will never forget it! We would just burst out in song anywhere and at any given time. The by standers whod be standing around loved it and they kept asking us to sing other songs! It was a great experience. We also did a work shop at Disney world that was very beneficial to our entire class. We all learned how to work better together and how to be a team. Even though its chorus you could still learn a lot of things in that class. I knew I would miss that class the most out of any class I took thorough out high school. I also did my last and final research paper in my AP English class during my 12th grade school year. I did much better on this one. It was on Robert Frost, and I did my research very carefully just to be extra sure that I wouldnt plagiarize this time. My school decided to do the musical Aida my senior year. I didnt like it at first because I had never heard of it before. Thats when I had to take a deep breath and realize that it wouldnt hurt to try something new. In the end, I loved that musical more than any other one we had done! I had a lead role in this one also and I loved every minute of it. Singing with my choir for the last time on graduation was one of the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. To have to leave a group of people that I have been with since my freshman year of high school was just crazy. I was so upset because they had become my family not just friends.


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