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A guide to the funds available to help 16-18 year olds study at City College Plymouth


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    A guide to the funds available to help 16 to 18 year olds study at City College Plymouth

    Money While You Learn2013/14

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    Fraudulent ClaimsThe College must protect itself against the possibility of fraudulent claims. We ask for detailed information and may invite applicants for interview so we can distribute the funds fairly. If a claim is considered fraudulent we will ask for any money given to you to be repaid in full. If you fail to repay your grant we may take court action. You will not be allowed to collect any course certificates until all costs have been paid. The College reserves the right to notify the police and/or any other relevant agencies with regard to our suspicion of fraudulent actions.

    DisclaimerWhilst every effort has been made to ensure that this guide is correct at the time of going to press, due to circumstances beyond our control changes may occur and funding eligibility, availability and criteria etc may change. The College will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of any such changes, wherever possible. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the information contained in this guide can be accepted by the College.

    City College Plymouth 2013

    If you would find it easier to read this guide in a larger type ora different format, please call 01752 305300.

  • ContentsWhat Help Can I Get? 2

    16-18 Bursary 3

    What help can I receive? 3 Who can apply? 3 How do I apply? 3 What evidence is required? 3 How do I receive it? 3

    Discretionary Learner Support Fund (dLS) 4

    What is dLS? 4 Who can apply? 5 How do I apply? 5 What evidence is required? 5

    Breakfast Club 6

    Travel Support 6

    Bus Passes 6

    Who can apply? 6 How do I apply? 6

    Free College Bus Services 7

    Service 36 - shuttle bus 7 Service 21/21A 7

    Train Travel Support 8

    Who can apply? 8 How do I apply? 8

    Other Travel Support 8

    Cycling to College 8 Driving to College 8

    Childcare Support 9Care to Learn (C-2-L) 9

    What is C-2-L? 9 Who can apply? 9 How do I apply? 9

    Housing Support 10

    Residential Support Scheme (RSS) 10

    What is RSS 10 Who is eligible? 10 How do I apply? 10 What evidence is required? 10 What help do I receive? 10

    Terms and Conditions 11 Attendance 11 Withdrawals 11 Appeals 11 Further (dLS) conditions 12

    The Student Funding Team 13

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  • What Help Can I Get?Enrolling on a course can be expensive! Before you start your course you will need to consider how you will afford some of the following:

    examination or ancillary course costs (material fees) travel costs to and from the College the costs of special equipment and materials the costs of uniform the costs of childcare meeting your day-to-day costs of living.Finance is an important factor when deciding to come to College. However, you dont have to let a lack of money prevent you from attending your chosen course here at City College Plymouth! There are various funds which may help you with some of the costs, especially if you have a low income or are entitled to help from state benefits.

    What help is available?There are two types of funds in place to help students

    Funds that are managed and awarded by national agencies:

    Care to Learn (C-2-L) Residential Support Scheme (RSS).Funds that are managed by the College:

    Discretionary Learner Support funds (dLS) 16-18 Bursary.

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  • 16-18 BursaryWhat help can I receive?Eligible students are entitled to up to 1,200 (pro-rata, depending on how long your course is). This amount will be used to help support transport, equipment, uniform and other course related costs. The remainder will be paid in monthly instalments, subject to your attendance.

    Who can apply?Students, who are entitled, must be aged 16-18 (as of 31 August 2013), undertaking a publicly funded further education course, and fall into one of the following groups:

    living in care a care leaver (if aged 18 and have been looked after for 13 weeks, or more, since the age of 14, or have ceased to be looked after or accommodated)

    receiving Income Support or Universal Credit (in their own right) disabled and receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (in their own right).

    Those on Apprenticeship programmes do not qualify. Normal UK residency rules apply.

    How do I apply?You will need to complete the 16-18 Discretionary Learner Support (dLS) application form and return it to the Student Funding team or Student Help Desk as soon as possible.

    What evidence is required?You will need to provide either a benefits letter showing your name, address and the benefit you are receiving (dated within the last six months), or a recent letter from Social Services confirming your care status.

    How do I receive it?Any funds remaining, after initial deductions for costs and travel passes, will be issued as monthly payments subject to good attendance and the meeting of College targets. These will be made directly into the bank account declared on the application form.

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  • Discretionary Learner Support Fund (dLS) What is dLS?This fund provides financial or in kind help to eligible students aged 16-18 (as of 31 August 2013), with a number of course related costs. These funds are aimed at those most in need and not in receipt of the 16-18 Bursary. The fund is cash limited and operated on a first-come, first-served basis for September and January applicants.

    There are five main elements of support. Students may apply for one or more elements (unless in receipt of the 16-18 Bursary where you can only apply for the emergency/hardship support).

    TravelAssistance for the purchase of a subsidised bus pass is available for students living more than three miles from the College site they are attending (certain exclusion areas apply), and where household income is below 20,817 (based on tax year ended April 2013). Travel passes will be obtained for Plymouth Citybus, First Bus Group or Western Greyhound (depending on postcode) and will be issued termly.

    An administration fee of 30 must be paid before the bus pass can be released. A passport sized photograph may be required.

    Attendance is checked regularly and a bus pass may be blocked if a student fails to attend College.

    For full details see the travel information on pages 6 and 7.

    Uniform and kit costsSupport is available to help you pay for course uniform and kit costs. This grant is means tested and available to students whose household income is less than 20,817 (based on the tax year ending April 2013).

    Students can apply for a one-off payment to help with these costs. The amount you will be awarded is dependent on your course.

    Please note you may need to purchase items before you start the course and the amount of the grant is not guaranteed to pay these costs in full.

    Meal supportFull-time students may also get support for meals whilst in College. This grant is means tested and available to students whose household income is less than 20,817 (based on the tax year ending April 2013).

    This grant is normally awarded half-termly and is subject to attendance.

    Support for university open days/interviewsAssistance to cover the main travel costs for students who are attending a higher education open day or interview. This grant is means tested and available to students whose household income is less than 20,817 (based on the tax year ending April 2013).

    Travel assistance for up to three trips may be covered and students could receive support for accommodation in exceptional circumstances (this will be looked at individually by the

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  • Student Funding team). Students may apply in advance or retrospectively and the visit must take place during the 2013/14 academic year. Evidence of the date of the open day/interview will need to be submitted.

    Emergency/hardship supportAny student with exceptional hardship or emergency needs can apply for financial assistance to enable them to remain at College. This is normally a one-off support payment or very short term support. It cannot be used as a substitute for state benefits or living costs.

    Who can apply?Eligible students must be:

    enrolled on a full or part-time course funded by the government attending all classes fulfil normal UK residency rules.The support you are entitled to will depend on your household income and home address.

    How do I apply?You will need to complete the 16-18 Discretionary Learner Support (dLS) application form and return it to the Student Funding team or Student Help Desk with the relevant evidence as soon as possible.

    Application forms should be processed and decision letters sent to students within four weeks of the date of us receiving the application, as long as all information has been submitted and the student is enrolled at the College.

    What evidence is required?You will be asked to provide a copy of pages one to four of your parents Tax Credit Notice 2013/14. If this paperwork is classed as provisional or not available, please contact the Student Funding team for more information. Please supply photocopies only. The Student Funding team cannot take responsibility for returning any original documents.

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