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<ol><li> 1. Money Tips for a Future Powerball Winner </li><li> 2. Youre so blessed to have won a Powerball jackpot, now what? Perhaps an image of a tropical vacation, fancy cars, squared debts, settled loans and paid bills are the first things that will cross your excited mind. Financial planners and mega-lottery drawings previous winners suggests that you remain to stick on your current budget, learn to say no, invest wisely and prepare yourself from losing your friends. You are now in an emotional roller- coaster ride with all the feeling of joy, guilt, anxiety and distrust. </li><li> 3. If you are a Powerball winner having a hard time finding where to start, the pointers below might help you out: </li><li> 4. Think first. Do not do anything just yet. Once you have learned about the winnings you might be tempted to purchase expensive things and properties, offer donations to charities or investing in the stock market. Experts suggest having a break, preferably a couple of weeks or a few months before deciding anything that involves your winnings. </li><li> 5. Enjoy within reasonable boundaries. Many experts believe that lotto winners that put themselves on straitjackets to avoid themselves enjoying their money are generally a bad idea. Instead, take a small part of your winning to go out and have fun. But once you are done with celebrating, remember to get it out of your system. </li><li> 6. Put your winnings into perspective. After all the fun and celebration its now time to put your money to the proper places it should be. Ask yourself what this huge amount of money will serve you for? Is it for your kids education? To secure your retirement? Next years family vacation or for your mortgage? You have to identify the critical goals that you </li><li> 7. Set up a separate bank account for your newly acquired fund. Before focusing on the aspect of when and how you will spend your winning, you should also take into consideration where youll keep it. It is better to keep it in a brokerage account or special savings account so itll be treated separately. </li><li> 8. Start your journey towards your financially independent dream; get your Powerball subscription from Lottery Bank Online. Visit us at </li></ol>