monday january 20 th b-day warm up editing vocab unit 4 book clubs closure

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Monday January 20 th B-day Warm Up Editing Vocab Unit 4 Book Clubs Closure

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Monday January 20th B-day

Monday January 20th B-dayWarm UpEditingVocab Unit 4Book ClubsClosureWarm UpCome in and find a book to read silently

If you owe me work this is your time to complete itEditing and Revising: Correct all the mistakes in the following passage:

dear Suzanne Rothi really like your book. It really like helped me to lern a lot of things. you inspire me.thanks for wriring such a good book. It taught me that I should always try my hardest like when the main character Catniss was fighting for her life in the hunger games cause that inspired me it also kinda reminded me of having to survive in everyday life. Like i said your book was awesome. Thx for writing it.Sincrly,Megan TerseckVocabularyPlease write your name on the top of your vocabulary sheetSet 4 Vocabulary Slideshow7.4 Students will determine the meanings and pronunciations of unfamiliar words and phrases within authentic texts.acquireVerb: To gain ownership of something; to get by ones own efforts or actions.Noun: acquisition: Something that is acquired.

antagonizeVerb: To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.

Competentadjective: Having the ability to do what is needed.noun: competence: The ability to do what is needed.

CompriseVerb: 1. To form; to make up2. To consist of or include

CorrespondVerb: 1. To match; to be equal to.2. To exchange letters with another person.Noun: Correspondence: the act of exchanging letters; the letters that are exchanged.

Book Club BooksI have laid out the selection for this quarters book club

Walk around SILENTLY and read the back of each book to see if you would be interested in reading it

As you walk around write down your top FOUR choices