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Fresh Start: From welcoming a new sibling to recycling resolutions. Filled to the brim with optimism for a new year!


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    A little magazine with big ideas!


    CRIB NOTES: New sibliNg

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  • Mom's NotesA little magazine with

    big ideas.

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    The arrival of a new baby is a joyous time for a family. For older children, though, this is often a time of confusion. Here are some useful tips on how to minimize sibling rivalry.Generally, sibling rivalry is the strongest when children are between one and three years of age at their siblings birth. One-to-three year-olds are still very dependent on parents to meet their needs. They havent learned how to share their parents or anything else for that matter. After the age of three, children become more independent. They dont depend on their parents as much to get their needs met. It is gener-ally thought that first-born children have the toughest time adjusting to the birth of a sibling. For all of their lives, they havent had to share their parents with anyone. Its quite an adjustment to have to learn to share so suddenly.

    HOw tO PrEPArE tHE OldEr CHild FOr A NEw SiBliNg

    Sibling rivalry is inevitable. There is no way that parents can eliminate it completely. There are, however, some things that can be done to minimize sibling rivalry and jealousy. Preparing older children for the birth of a sibling is one thing that will make the transition from only children to older children a smooth one. Here are some things parents can do.

    Tell your children about the pregnancy. Some professionals recommend waiting until at least the third trimester or until children ask about their mothers changing shape. Tell your children what to expect. Parents should explain to their older children exactly what will happen to them while their mother is in the hospital. Parent should let their children know who will be taking care of them, where they will be staying, and when they will be able to see and talk to both parents and the new baby. Include your children in what is going on. Parents should let their older children take part in any preparations for the new child. For example, parents can let their older children help get the babys room ready. Parents can take their older children on a tour of hospital. If the expectant parents are up to it, they can take their older children to a prenatal check-up and let them listen to their new brother or sisters heartbeat. After the baby is born, parents should let the older children visit the hospital, if its allowed, and let them hold the baby if they want to. Make arrangements so that the arrival of the new baby changes older children lives as little as posssible. If parents plan moving older children from a crib to a bed, etc., they should try to do so months before the baby arrives.

    dONtS Dont ask older children if they want a brother or sister. They have no choice in the matter. Dont tell older children that the new baby will be a playmate for them. The new baby probably wont be a playmate for several years. Dont ignore unacceptable behavior. It wont go away. Instead, identify and deal with it immediately. Dont rush older children into mastering new skills like toilet training before the baby is born. If older children are not ready for toilet training well before the birth of the new baby, it is best to wait until after the baby is born and things have settled down around the house.

    HOw tO HANdlE rivAlry wHEN it OCCurS For older children, encourage talking about feelings. Parents should gear conversations toward their childrens level of understanding. If children withdraw, parents should provide frequent reassurance and affection. Set limits on anger and hostility. Parents should define acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Parents should not leave children alone together unsupervised. Parents should reassure their older children that they are loved, that its okay to be angry, but that its not okay to hurt the baby. Be realistic. Parents shouldnt expect their older children to smother their new baby with love and affection immediately. Deal with negative or attention-getting behaviors immediately. Dont force older children to share.

    Sibling rivalry is unavoidable. Whenever two or more children live together, there are bound to be conflicts and jealousy. Parents cant eliminate sibling rivalry. They can, however, help to minimize it. Expecting and preparing for this inevitability will help parents make life easier for themselves and for their children.

    Adapted from article retrieved

    NEw SIBlINg CriB




    HErE ArE SOME 10 tiPS FOr

    HEAlTHy lunchboxes:1. Try to encourage your child to make decisions about

    what they eat and chat with them about the importance of healthy eating. Let them choose what type of fruit for example or let them choose the filling for their sandwich.

    2. Plan your childs weekly lunch boxes in advance and add the ingredients to your shopping list. The more organized you are, the better the chance that your childs lunchbox will be stocked with healthy items. Take your child shopping and choose foods which you both agree are healthy and taste good.

    3. Include low glycaemic index (GI) foods such as wholegrain sliced bread, wholemeal bread rolls, or wholemeal pita bread or tortilla wraps. Low GI foods help to maintain stable blood sugars through the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream and keep you satisfied for longer.

    4. Use lean meats in sandwiches such as roast beef or shredded chicken breast or use tinned tuna or salmon fish. These are preferable to ham, salami, viennas and polony. Peanut butter (without the syrup) or Edam cheese or hummus are also good alternatives.

    5. Try to add lettuce, cucumber and tomato to sandwiches. When you add salads to the sandwich you add extra vitamins, minerals and fibre.

    6. Try to use a canola or an olive spread or use low fat cottage cheese on sandwiches.

    7. try to provide fluids in the form of water, low-fat milk, sugar free cordials (low cal) or light Ice Tea or home made ice tea. Avoid fizzy drinks, sports drinks (energade, lucozade), and fruit juices.

    8. Fruit is sweet and tasty, and is a much healthier alternative to potato crisps, biscuits, chocolate and sweets. Offer fruits that are easy to eat such as grapes, cherries, apples, pears, strawberries or cut and wrap fruits such as oranges, mangoes, kiwi fruits and pineapple.

    9. Always choose lunchbox snacks that have some nutritional value,

    10. Have fun!

    Article written for Mom's Notes by: Natalie grobler Dieticians

    Mopani Pharmacy | I langa Mall | 071 246 0357Website:

    Monday Banana or Avocado or tuna

    or boiled egg sandwich with wholemeal bread (Choose Low GI or multigrain bread)

    Cherry tomatoes Low-fat fruit yoghurt

    (yumchums) Small bag of raisins or dried

    apricots or apple rings Water

    Tuesday Salmon or Tuna and rice

    (Basmati or Brown rice) salad (with peas, sweetcorn, cucumbers , lettuce, peppers)

    Banana and strawberry smoothie (made with low fat milk or fat free yoghurt)

    Or fruit salad + water

    Wednesday 3 oatcakes / rice cakes or 4

    provitas with low fat cottage cheese or Melrose cheese

    Chutney (optional) Reduced-salt ham /chicken Cherry tomatoes Carrot sticks Cucumber sticks Fruit in jelly (use sugar

    free jelly) or 1 small packet Nestle juice treats

    Cordial or water

    Thursday Tomato, mozzarella in pita

    or tortilla wrap with mixed salad

    Carrot sticks Biscuit sticks or no salted

    pretzels Kiwi and strawberry fruit

    salad (any fruit salad) Fruit yoghurt (yumchums) Water

    Friday Chicken and couscous

    salad (with spring onion, red pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, cheese)

    or Chicken and pasta salad Pear or apple or orange or

    small banana Safari just fruit bar (32g) or

    nestle cereal bar or nestle fruit twist


  • Healthyoptions

    kidslunch box

    for your


    kOSBlIk WEnnERs

    wawieleTort i l las , koue gaar kalkoen of hoender, ham, kaas en tandestokkies.

    Maak n tor til la-toebroodjie van jou k ind se gunsteling vulsels . Rol dit op en sny in vier OF vy f stukke. steek dit vas met 'n tandestokkie sodat dit opgerol bly tot pouse!

    Healthy Pasta SaladFort if ied pasta or whole wheat pasta, edamame, ol ive oi l , v inegar, salt/pepper.

    Cook the pasta and defrost the edamame (green soybeans). Mix them together and toss with dressing made from olive oil , red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

    Na-Skool/ Voor-SportGrondboontjie en Piesang HappiesPiesangs, grondboontj iebotter, verkrummelde heelgraan ontbytgraankos, k lein heelgraan pretzel stokkies.

    sny piesang in happie groote blokkies op. smeer grondboontjiebotter op elke stukkie en doop in ontby tgraankos krummels . Druk 'n pretzel s tokkie in elk vir 'n pret happie.

    Bug BagsCrushed crackers, bowl of raisins, bowl of dried cranberries, bowl of dark chocolate chips, Ziploc bags, large spoon.

    Place a cracker in each Ziploc bag and crush using a large spoon until sand-like consistency. Add in a few raisins and have your child "dig" for bugs in the sand. Can use other items such as dr ied cranberr ies ( "ladybugs"), dark chocolate chips ( "ants"), etc. Be creative!

    Ar ticle adapted from

  • 6

  • Lowveld National Botanical Garden

    A wealth of natures treasures

    Operating hours: 08h00 - 17h00 from April - August08h00 - 18h00 from Sept - MarchContact Details: 013 752 5531:

    A member of the Riverside Park Precinct

    A tranquil place for:RelaxationMeditationLearning

    A picturesque environment for:Picnics

    Weddings, private partiesConcert & Exhibitions

    fResH AiR fuNHOw tO PlAN A PiCNiC FOr CHildrEN

    Kids love the finger foods, fresh air, games and freedom from table manners that come with the picnic experience. Its a great escape from your normal routine, giving you the opportunity to spend some quality family time in the great outdoors. The key to planning a picnic with kids is to keep it simple. Here are some easy tips that will help you plan a laid-back picnic to remember.

    tHiNgS yOull NEEd Picnic basket or pack Kid-friendly food and beverages Trash bag Paper towels Antibacterial wipes Toys and games Picnic blanket Insect repellent Sunscreen First-aid kit

    1. Start with a fully loaded picnic pack with enough room and supplies for the whole family. Pre-packed picnic cooler trolleys are a great way to combine a spacious cooler, tableware, flatware, napkins and other picnic accessories in one item thats easy to transport. 2. Keep the meal simple, easy to prepare and a snap to clean up. Finger foods are your best bet. Some ideas that are popular with kids include sandwiches, chicken nuggets, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, carrot sticks, cookies, bottled water and juice boxes. 3. Include paper towels, a trash bag, and wet wipes in your picnic pack for easy clean-up. Antibacterial hand wipes will clean gooey messes off kids hands without a trip to the bathroom. 4. Pack a bag full of toys and games to keep kids occupied before and after they eat. Be creative-older kids want more complicated games, like water balloon tosses or mini golf. 5. Lay out a large picnic blanket or picnic mat with waterproof backing as a seating area that will protect your family and the food against moisture and insects. 6. Protect the kids against bug bites and sunburns with kid-friendly insect repellent and sunscreen. 7. Keep a small, portable first aid kit close-by.

    Visit the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit for the perfect

    picnic venue!retrieved from: How to Plan a Picnic for Children, www.

  • service centeredOur staff are well informed and offer a high level of excellence and personal attention throughout our various departments, from our Dispensary to our Wellness Clinic and everything in between.

    dispensaryMopanis dispensary team strives to give our customers individual care and we take the responsibility of consulting very seriously. Our pharmacists look forward to assisting you and your family!

    Have you met spencer?

    Mopani Pharmacy offers the latest in dispensing technology to support our friendly and efficient dispensary team.

    Fragrance & cosmeticsOur Fragrance & Cosmetics Department is always ready with good advice when it comes to choosing the best products or that special gift. We are authorised stockists of the worlds leading brands, including Este Lauder, Lancme, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Clarins and many more

    service - our strengtH since 1982

    moms cHoiceMopani stocks all baby essentials and so much more. Our dedicated staff are here to assist you throughout the journey of parenthood. Visit our Mom & Baby Wellness Clinic for weighing and vaccination requirements. Our knowledgeable nursing sisters will answer all the questions new parents might possibly have.

    everytHing elseMopani Pharmacy has an extensive range of vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition and toiletry products. Our well trained, friendly team is ready to help you.

    our community your pHarmacy

    After 30 years Mopani Pharmacy is still proud to be playing a part in the life of our growing community. We thank all our loyal supporters, old and new!


  • service - our strengtH since 1982

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  • WonderFulwetlANds

    There is clear water up to your ankles and a dragonfly zips past your head as you watch some ducks fly off the water - welcome to the soggy world of the wetland.

    fResH wAteR fActs DID yOu KNOW: 2 February is

    World Wetlands Day 97.25% of all water is found in

    oceans. 2.05% of the earths water is

    locked up in the polar ice caps and glaciers.

    Only 0.7% of water is found in a freshwater form in lakes, rivers, and groundwater.

    As the Earths population grows and the demand for fresh water increases, water purification and recycling become increasingly important.

    Nature one of the most respected scientific journals in the world reported recently that worldwide, wetlands are worth someover R30 trillion a year!

    There are only 12 countries in the world that supply tap water that is fit to drink, and South Africa is one of them. Our tap water quality is third best overall in the world.


  • wHAt ARe wetlANds?wetlands are difficult to define because of their great variation in size and loca-tion. The most important features of wetlands are: Waterlogged soils or soils covered with a shallow layer of water (permanently or seasonally), unique types of soil, and distinctive plants adapted to water-saturated soils. Marshes, bogs, swamps, vleis and sponges are examples of wetlands.

    wHy ARe wetlANds iMPoRtANt?

    FlOOD BUSTERS:Wetlands associated with streams and rivers slow floodwaters by acting as giant, shallow bowls. water flowing into these bowls loses speed and spreads out. Plants in the wetland play an impor-tant role in holding back the water. The wetland acts as a sponge as much of the flood water is then stored in the wetland and is slowly released to downstream areas, instead of it all rushing to the sea within a few days. This greatly reduces flood damage, particularly erosion, and ensures a more steady supply of water throughout the year.

    FIlTERS:Wetlands improve water quality as they are very good natural filters, trapping sediments, nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus), and even pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. In addition, pollutants such as heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead) and pesticides, may be trapped by chemical and biological processes. In other words, the water leaving the wetland is cleaner than the water entering it.

    wETlANDS AND wIlDlIFE:wetlands are filters where sediments and nutrients accumulate, so many plants grow there, e.g. bulrushes, grasses, reeds, waterlilies, sedges and trees. The plants, in turn, provide food and a place for attachment and shelter for many creatures. There is more life, hectare for hectare, in a healthy wetland than in almost any other habitat. These produc-tive places support huge numbers of insects, fish, birds and other animals. Some animals are completely dependant on wetlands, whilst others use wetlands for only part of their lives. The wattled crane, for example, is dependant on wetlands for breeding. The rich diversity of waterbirds in Southern Africa (totalling 130 species) is possible because of the many wetlands spread across the sub-continent. The wetlands of southern Africa are of international importance as they are the southern destination for many migratory wading birds.

    PEOPlE AND wETlANDS:Wetlands have been used for centuries as grazing for domestic stock, and as a source of reeds used for thatching, hut construction and basket weaving. They are provide fishing, hunting and the opportunity to observe wildlife, especially birds. Wetlands are appreciated for their beauty as open spaces and also for their educational value.


    INkOmATI CmA +27 13 755 2559P.O.Box X11214Nelspruit1200South Africa


  • 11

    Experience another world


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    2012 SCH


    l HO






    The granitic islands of Seychelles are the oldest oceanic islands on the earth. Some 115 tropical islands form the Republic of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Independent from Britain since 1976. An international airport opened in 1971 on the largest island, Mah, increasing tourism, the economic mainstay. Currency: Seychelles rupee Named after Jean Moreau de Schelles, Finance Minister to King louis Xv of France from 1754 to 1756.

    BOOK & PAy45 days prior

    to arrival

    45 Ferreira Street, NelspruitTel: (013) 755 2146




  • Tel: (013) 755 4969 Email:


    CUT & KEEP


    Wolves Academy offers 21 years of martial arts experience.



    CONTACTUSMaster Awie Davis: 082 939 8615

    Master Xander Davis: 082 907

    Article Source:

    the good side of kicking

    Martialartsforkids,buildsconfidenceand self-esteem as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy. Children & adults already in formal rehabilitationtherapycanalsobenefit from martial arts training as a supplement to their therapy. It does assist in improving the physical condition of the body by strengthening & developing muscle tone, improving concentration skills & to developing basic coordination. Martial Arts is ideal for children who do not do well in team sports, giving them theabilitytoflourishinthisactivity, while combining physical and mental practices. Many do not realize this, but it is a fact that martial arts training are safer than most school sports. Children with special needs, such as ADD (AttentionDeficitDisorder),learning difficultiesandhyperactivityareoften recommended to participate in martial artsforkidsbecauseoftheclearbenefitsin its structured training techniques.

    Starting your child young in karate training is ideal. Children as young as the age of four is usually accepted, as it is also a good way tohonefinemotorskills.Manyparentsalsoopt to join a martial arts training program themselves, making it a great bonding experience for the entire family.

    VoucherEnjoy some time off

    with a friend.

    buy any breakfast and receiveanother breakfast to the same value Free!

    Breakfast served from 07h30 11h00. Mom's Notes Voucher must be

    presented to qualify. Offer valid for sit-down only. Offer valid till 31 March 2012.


    halloumi or chicken salad only r45


  • We sell "pre-loved" baby goods.

    (like cots, prams, car seats and much, much more!)Visit us to see a baby shop with a


    Sonpark Boulevard Shop 50Louisa Lubbe

    072 202 2914 |

    ForkMAX CC t/a


    Shop 9 Riverpark; 25 Rapid Street, Riverside Industrial, Nelspruit

    Tel: 013 752 2223 Cell: 082 259 8048

    Besides being loads of fun, SandArt is also very educational

    and helps with creativity, fine motor skills and much more!


    Greta: 082 438

    082 774

    Horse Riding

    Kid's Pony Camps

    Farm-style Accommodation


    NOtE it'S


  • We are inspired by children,and our vision is to see all children fit, co-ordinated, confident and happy!

    The MOST UNIQUE movement education program in South Africa!

    Natalie: 073 236 0742 (Nelspruit)

    Marle: 082 304 9664 (White River, Sabie and Nelspruit)

    Playgroup (7:15 to 13:00) Transport available for outside activities!



    Contact:GRETA 082 438 4042

    SmallGroupswithaLargePlaygroundWeeklyThemedArtActivitiesLittleChef 'sBakingClubSwimmingLessonsandMUCHMORE!

    Shuttle Service



    Gift Vouchers available.

    Michelle Mos079 966 0509

    mos.michelle@gmail.comBSY Internationally Qualified

    Were going to:LanseriaWitbankMiddelburgPretoriaOR TamboPotchefstroomKlerksdorpWelkomBloemfontein

    Safe, Reliable, On-TimeCost Effective, Friendly and Hassle Free

    086 133


    Marle: 082 304 9664(White River, Sabie & Nelspruit)

  • Fresh underFooTArtificial grass is becoming increasingly more popular, as its the perfect alternative for environments where natural grass is impractical or difficult to maintain. Its exceptionally durable and versatile, with little maintinance required, making it a worthwhile investment. Local manufacturer Duraturf, currently offering 9 different styles of turf in their range, gives you the freedom of imagination. Areas of application are entirely up to you. Whether you want the perfect manicured lawn all round, an alternative fun floor covering in your childs bedroom, grass that lasts on the playground or a putting green, there is a Duraturf product suited for your needs. TIPS: when considering artificial turf, avoid fly-by night

    manufacturers. Make sure the installer is an approved applicator.

    Enquire about warranty and guarantees. Duraturf, being local, knows how harmful the

    African sun can be thats why they offer a 7 year UV Resistant warranty.

    Remember you get what you pay for, if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is.

    Jagaburns is an approved Duraturf Landscaper.

    ' the grass is always greener on the side with turf

    Contact Jacqui BurnsCell: 082 497 8203 Fax: 086 577 8290Email: