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  • 1. Exploring Online Tools in Education This presentation discusses three articles reporting in online tools in education. By: Alyssa Ludlow
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • A study of Turnitin as an educational tool in student dissertations
        • Slide 3-4..Summary
        • Slide 5Personal Reflection
    • T echnology is not just for young learners.
      • Slide 6-7.Summary
      • Slide 8.Personal Reflection
    • Electronic Portfolios: Perspectives of Students, Teachers, and Parents.
      • Slide 9-10...Summary
      • Slide 11...Personal Reflection
    • Conclusions .................................................. Slide 12
  • 3. A study of Turnitin as an educational tool in student dissertations by John Biggam and Margaret McCann Department of Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK
    • As students have turned to the easy route in paper writing by cheating through Essay banks websites. Teachers have resorted to the use of Anti- Plagiarism tool, .
    • The site compares students papers against past papers as well as internet sources. Once completed the site will give the paper an originality score, which grades how similar the paper is to the sources it was compared against.
  • 4. A study of Turnitin as an educational tool in student dissertations (cont.)
    • The study was held on Honours graduate students of the University of Scotlands business school.
      • Many students are simply unaware of what exactly is considered plagiarism and professors cannot catch every occurrence of plagiarism in their papers.
    • The results of the study found that through multiple submissions to students originality scores decreased. Leading the team to believe that the students either learned how to avoid the websites tactics or they actually benefitted from using it.
  • 5. Personal Thoughts
    • Ive had professors insist on using for assignments, but I didnt do anything differently than if I wouldnt have had to use it. But I felt it was a very reasonable tool for professors to double check students work.
    • If a course section used this site then professors would be able to compare every students work. Allowing them to see who is copying who even if the students are in different classes.
    Biggam, John; McCann, Margaret(2010)A Study of Turnitin as an Educational Tool in Student Dissertations Interactive Technology and Smart Education 7(1)DOI 44-54 10.11087/1741565101103
  • 6. T echnology is not just for young learners By Association of Career and Technical Education
    • Now although these tools arent directly incorporated in the classroom, they provide specific tools teachers need in their classrooms. They can ask questions, share success stories, and swap recipes for success.
    • In adult education new tools are being discovered to create a community for teachers.
  • 7. T echnology is not just for young learners (cont.)
    • The 3 Sources discussed in the article were
      • Marian Thacher's Blog
        • The author, Marian Thacher, is the director of Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN). She discusses the latest technologies in adult education and suggests other resources to use in the classroom.
      • Adult Ed Twibe
        • This is a twitter group with a common interest adult education. Here teachers in adult education can build a community with other teachers as well as create a resource library on the homepage.
      • Adult Education Technology Wiki
        • Similar to the twitter group, this wiki page connects teachers from all over in one place and has the ability to store resources. Although here pages may be added by anyone to the site in order to address a specific issue such as instructions how to use a tool.
  • 8. Personal Reflection
    • These resources would be a great help for teachers who are new to teaching adults. Also, these sites would keep seasoned teachers up-to-date on the newest classroom tools available to them.
    • Personally, if I were in the position of an adult educator I would refer to these sites when Im in need of some tool for my classroom. But I would double check anything I found on that wiki site.
    (2010)Technology is not just for Young Learners Techniques 60
  • 9. Electronic Portfolios: Perspectives of Students, Teachers, and Parents By Julie K. McLeod and Sheri Vasinda
    • As students begin their educational journeys little attention is given to what they see as important or beneficial. But this study welcomed the input of everyone affected by electronic portfolios.
    • The electronic portfolio for teachers focused on the framework of the portfolio, an educational philosophy statement, a collection of artifacts, and a written reflection on each artifact. The students maintain these focus points, but had them slightly modified to their younger age.
  • 10. Electronic Portfolios: Perspectives of Students, Teachers, and Parents (cont.)
    • The goal of using electronic portfolios was to encourage students to make connections to their learning and writing skills from assignments.
    • The students in the study were in favor of the process, but found the interview questions to be redundant. In some cases students even took the initiative to introduce their own questions or update their learners philosophy statement as they went along.
  • 11. Personal Thoughts
    • I think introducing electronic portfolios in elementary schools is a great idea.
      • From the studys conclusions its obvious that students make it their own.
      • And learn early on in their educational journey to reflect on what theyve learned and how theyve used it.
    McLeod, Julie K.; Vasinda, Sheri(2009) Electronic Portfolios: Perspectives of Students, Teachers, and Parents Education and Information Technologies 14(1) 29-38 DOI 10.107/s10639-008-9077-5
  • 12. Conclusions
    • Online resources are going to leave a big impact on education in the future. So why not start using these tools now and begin an online resources revolution!
    • This class is an example of the kinds of tools education majors should become familiar with as students before being released into their own classrooms. So as new teachers they can already have as many resources and tools as any seasoned teacher.
    • As the cartoon makes light of new teachers fears just starting out, but with these tools any new teacher can act like a seasoned one.


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