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<p>Module 6: Presenting Technology Research</p> <p>Module 6: Presenting Technology Research</p> <p>Kristy A. Chapman</p> <p>Table of Contents</p> <p>Using Digital Storytelling for Creative and Innovative e-learning</p> <p>Boy Scouts Video Game Badge</p> <p>Final Thoughts</p> <p>Mr. Coulters Internet Tendency: to Infinity and beyond</p> <p>Pages 3 - 5</p> <p>Pages 6 - 8</p> <p>Pages 9 - 11</p> <p>Page 12</p> <p>Robert McKee wrote principles for creating effective stories.</p> <p>Technical research needs to explore programming models, environments, and user interface designs, to facilitate story creation with the MOD methodology using the above steps.</p> <p>Digital Storytelling continued</p> <p>4</p> <p>I can see where digital storytelling can add to a course or lecture. But I dont think that it would serve well replacing a live lecture. </p> <p>I think this would be a good project for students to teach each other topics in a particular area. It would be a variation of using something like Powerpoint but having more variety and creative control.</p> <p>My thoughts</p> <p>Boy Scouts of America is now offering a Video game badge. They say its aimed at making games a family activity. To earn the Video Games badges, the boys have to work with their parents to learn more about the games they love.</p> <p>Mastrapa, Gus, April 30, 2010, Boy Scouts Videogame Badge Gets Parents in the Game, Wired Magazine</p> <p>Boy Scouts Videogame Badge Gets Parents in the Game</p> <p>Games can also be a learning experience.</p> <p>Boys first earn the Video Games belt loop by doing things like learning about the ESRB game-rating system and creating a schedule with their parents that balances game time with other chores.After that, a boy can earn the Academics Pin by teaching parents or friends how to play videogames, competing with his family in a game tournament or learning to install a game system.The videogame award joins 53 other areas in which young Scouts can earn distinction, including astronomy, gymnastics, geology and skateboarding.Later this year, the BSA will add three more tech-oriented pins to the lineup: robotics, inventing and geocaching.</p> <p>Boy Scoutscontinued</p> <p>I think its only fitting that Boy Scouts can now earn technology badges. I like how its not just about earning the badge by playing games but including the family and learning how the games are created and scored.</p> <p>My thoughts</p> <p>Students draft in a variety of forms: journals, narratives, poetry, persuasive writing, procedural writing, descriptive writing, letters, etc. When the time comes, which is about once a month, give or take, students read through their journals and papers and select their best work, and a-publishing we goThe students write every day, first thing. After an initial period of 15 minutes of free writing, volunteers share their work. Peers comment and give constructive criticismSome gain notoriety for their voice, for their ability to tell a story, for their humor, for their talent as a writer.Created a kid-friendly Word template to aid in publishing student writingGround rules for publishing are clear: use the template, and no clip art, graphics, colors or font changes, no backgrounds . . . until the entire paper has been completed and turned in.</p> <p>Mr. Coulter's Internet Tendency: to Infinity and Beyond</p> <p>Coulter, Brad March 2005, Mr. Coulter's Internet Tendency: to Infinity and Beyond, New Horizons for Learning</p> <p>All students have access to their own personal folder on a file server, allowing them access to their work from any computer in the building, or in the district for that matter</p> <p>One goal is to keep the design of the site simple. The focus is on the writing, the words, not on anything flashy. Occasionally I let a graphic slip by if it adds to the writing. </p> <p>Mr. Coultercontinued</p> <p>My thoughts</p> <p>I like how Mr. Coulter allows time for the students to write everyday. I think its important for creative writing and to let the students write what they want either about their day or any topic of their choice. </p> <p>I also think that creating the webpage to share the students work is a great idea. And I also like how he keeps it simple. Its not about the graphics and font style, its about the words.</p> <p>My Final Thoughts</p> <p>Overall, I feel that all three articles show some aspect of technology in education. The first article about digital storytelling offers a variety in teaching a course. The Boy Scouts new gaming badge is only appropriate since a most kids play some sort of video game. So to be able to include the family and earn a badge is a great reward for them. And then finally the last article is a great example of posting the students writing in an online format.</p>