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  • 1. Present tense of-er and -ir verbs

2. First, Lets review 3. You know the pattern ofpresent-tense -ar verbs:These are the endings: o, as, a, amos, is, anFor example 4. YohabloNosotroshablamosThablas Vosotros hablisUd.l habla Uds.Ella Elloshablan Ellas 5. Yomiro Nosotros miramos T mirasVosotros miris Ud. Uds. lmira Ella Ellosmiran Ellas 6. Yo Nosotros estudiamosestudio T Vosotros estudiisestudias Ud.Uds. l estudia Ella Ellos estudian Ellas 7. There are 3 types of verbs:Infinitives that end in -arInfinitives that end in -erInfinitives that end in -ir 8. Youve already learned some -ar verbs, now you are going to learn some -er verbs. 9. Some-er verbs that you should know are: leercomer ver 10. The pattern for -er verbs ismuch like the pattern for-ar verbs. The only differenceis, instead of using a youuse e. 11. Lets try the verb to eat, inSpanish, comer. 12. I eatWe eatYou eatHe They eatShe eatsIt 13. Yo como Nosotros comemosT comes VosotroscomisUd. Uds.l come ElloscomenEllaEllas 14. Now lets do the other -erverbs that youknow. 15. Yo leoNosotros leemosT lees Vosotros leisUd. Uds.l leeEllos leenEllaEllas 16. You also know the verb is the same as the other -erverbs except in the yo form.It is irregular in the yo form.An arrow will show you thedifference. 17. I seeWe seeYou seeHe They seeShe seesIt 18. Yo veo Nosotros vemosT ves Vosotros vesUd.Uds.l veEllosvenElla Ellas 19. The pattern for -ir verbs isthe exact same pattern for-er verbs except for thenosotros form:instead of using emos youwill use imos. 20. I shareWe shareYou shareHeShe shares They shareIt 21. Yo compartoNosotros compartimosT compartes VosotroscompartsUd.Uds.l comparteElloscompartenElla Ellas 22. Yo escribo Nosotros escribimos Tescribes Vosotros escribs Ud. l escribe Ella Uds. Ellosescriben Ellas 23. Yo corroNosotros corremosT corres Vosotros corrisUd. Uds.l correElloscorrenEllaEllas 24. Yo reciboNosotros recibimosT recibes Vosotros recibsUd.Uds.l recibeEllos recibenElla Ellas 25. Yo abro Nosotros abrimosT abres Vosotros abrsUd. Uds.l abre Ellos abrenEllaEllas 26. Yo comprendoNosotros comprendemosT comprendes Vosotros comprendesUd. Uds.l comprendeElloscomprendenEllaEllas