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this slide show is about the various technologies that are used in irrigation today. it has some brief data on various such techniques and also has a few listed advantages and disadvantages.


  • 1. Irrigation is the primary consumer of water on earthWHAT IS Igor IRRIGATION? Irrigation is the artificial Shiklomanov application of water to theland or soil. It is used to assist in the growing of crops.

2. IRRIGATION IN THE PAST Farmingwas more focused on subsistence rather than selling products in the market. Labor intensive. Irrigated land used to be small. Highly dependent on weather. Inefficient. 3. Modern Irrigation Morefocus is now on selling the output. Machine intensive. More sophisticated. Rains are no longer the controlling force. 4. SURFACE IRRIGATION In surface irrigation systems, the land is filled completely with water. In this way crops like rice are able to get ample amount of water. 5. METHODS OF SURFACE IRRIGATION Controlled: Water is applied from the head ditch and guided by corrugations, furrows, borders, or ridges. Uncontrolled- wild flooding. DISAVANTAGES Wastage of water Soil erosion Loss of minerals in soil 6. DRIP IRRIGATION Also known as trickle irrigation. Water is supplied at the roots of the plants, drop by drop. Most efficient and effective way of irrigation. Drip irrigation method can be either high tech computerized or labor intensive. 7. Drip irrigation 8. Water is piped through different locations in the field and is then distributed by high pressure sprinklers or guns. Sprinklers are mostly installed on permanent risers. Some sprinklers which rotate are called rotors. 9. SPRINKLER 10. Center pivot irrigation is a form of sprinkler irrigation. It consists of several segments of pipe which is joined together and is supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length. It moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the arc. 11. Disadvantages of sprinkler 0 Costly to install 0 Average cost is $2682 0 Also, large number of sprinklers have to be installedin a field because area covered by a single sprinkler is not large. 0 Center pivot is also extremely costly. 12. Sub-Irrigation It has been used for many years where there is a lot of ground water available. It is a method of artificially raising the water table to allow the soil to be moistened from below the plants' root zone. Advantages are water and nutrient conservation, and labor-saving through lowered system maintenance and automation. It is similar to surface drip irrigation system. 13. COMPARISON TRADITIONAL METHOD OF IRRIGATIONMODERN IRRIGATIONAL TECHNIQUE Inefficient as crops dont get water properly. Very cheap because there is no installation cost. Labor intensive. Efficient because crops get correct amount of water. The best example is drip irrigation system. Extremely costly. A lot of investment has to be made to get a proper irrigational system. Machine intensive. 14. These days people prefer to use modern irrigational techniques because they are extremely efficient and effective. Modern irrigational techniques are also pivotal in increasing the crop yield. Also since these days farming is done with the help of fertilizers, crops need a certain amount of water to grow properly. 15. MY VIEW ON USING MODERN IRRIGATIONAL TECHNIQUES According to me, modern irrigational techniquesshould be used and promoted because they save a lot of water. For example: drip irrigation, if done properly can save upto 95% of water. Also modern irrigational methods are important because of scarcity of water and increasing demand for food crops. Modern irrigational techniques are also cost effective, if done on a large scale.