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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>A LESSON ON Modern Abstract Art Paintings What is Abstract Art Painting?A piece of artwork that portrays nothing specific is called abstract art.</p> <p>It may just be filled with some colors, shapes and lines that are mostly vague and refer to nothing specific in real life or nature.</p> <p>Abstract art is the result of an art movement for a degree of independence from making visual references in paintings.Abstract Art for Home DecorAbstract art paintings are largely preferred by art fans for home dcor. </p> <p>Art enthusiasts often pick modern abstract art paintings to give an artistic touch to their living rooms, bed rooms, corridors and more.</p> <p> Abstract art is ideal for home dcor, because it depicts nothing specific and still merges the real art in a stylish manner. Where to Buy Abstract Art?Abstract art is widely available for grabs from art houses, leading artists, art vendors including online retailers.</p> <p>Several online vendors sell quality and 100% abstract art paintings for affordable prices. </p> <p>FabuArt is a prominent seller of quality abstract art paintings, cityscape abstract paintings and a lot of other categories in art paintings. </p> <p>ThanksVisit us at</p>