model bathymetry lake travis: a sinuous reservoir

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Model Bathymetry Lake Travis: A Sinuous Reservoir. Bridget Wadzuk March 29, 2001. Introduction. Reservoir Characteristics Models CE-QUAL-W2 (COE) 2-D Segmented bathymetry ELCOM (Hodges/UWA) 3-D Cartesian grid bathymetry. Taken from CE-QUAL-W2 V3 User’s Manual. Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Model BathymetryLake Travis: A Sinuous ReservoirBridget WadzukMarch 29, 2001

  • IntroductionReservoir CharacteristicsModelsCE-QUAL-W2 (COE)2-DSegmented bathymetryELCOM (Hodges/UWA)3-DCartesian grid bathymetry

  • Taken from CE-QUAL-W2 V3 Users Manual

  • ProblemBathymetry from ArcView Cartesian grid (plan view)Need to get into a format that is accepted by CE-QUAL-W2 (profile view) STRAIGHTENED BATHYMETRY

  • TheoryRelation of physical and radial space1:1 correspondenceRadial lines

    Arc lengths

  • Easier SaidChoosing a gridResolution over scale of Lake TravisApproach using MatlabSelect points for centerlineSpline points to a smooth curveCompute normal radial linesCheck for crossing of radial linesRepeat process until no crossingsUse intervals for bathymetry

  • Bathymetry (original)

  • Centerline Points

  • Radial Lines (1)

  • Radial Lines (2)Radius of Curvature, RoChannel Width, Normally, / Ro < 1Ignore curvilinear term in sinuous systemsUnacceptable, / Ro > 1Thalweg must be adjusted

  • Radial Lines (3)

  • Straightened Bathymetry

  • Yet To ComeChange approach to a GIS methodUse a smaller, more concise areaLake LBJLess computationally intensive

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