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Mocking jay . By Alex . Katniss. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Mocking jay By Alex

Katniss She is the type of girl who is sad . that also dos not like to tell people how she feels and she only has 2 friend Gal , Pieta. Her only priority is her sister. when she coms back frame the hunger games district 12 is all gon and she dos not know what was going on she was really mad at her self because she thinks she killed pietss mom and family and killed everyone they was in district 12

Piet He is katness husband but it is all pretend. So they will tack care of them and not to kill them. they also got in to this in the hunger games. he was taken to the capital beacas they broke out of the arena and they got him and Joana. They took them to the capital as a he is a prisoner as well as Joana. He was not as close to katniss and now he forgot her and what is going on

Hay Mitch He is katness and peats mentor and he is the one who got katniss out of the arena. He proems he would get peat out of there a live but now he is capthcred and now katness is mad ate him he was one of the winners of district 12 but he and katness and peat and here sister and mom and they are like the only ones that survived. he dos not like the capital at all so he try's to get her out of the arena to keep katniss alive and so he makes the mad and now he id in district 13. he is the mane thing that saved katniss. she did not know this at all so now he takes here to to district 13 and now they wont to get peat back and get revenge so they are going to the capital and gating the back

finnickHe is one of the people who got out alive and him and katniss are trying to get Joana and peat out of the capital. he is sad and keeps out of the way now he dos not come out of his room. he is in a rally deep low beacons his girlfriend is at home and he wants to keep here alive . and he was one of the people who new about exploding the arena and trying to get out alive but will he Mack it to peat and Joana ??????

Joanna She is still with peat and they both are in the capital but she is in there and she dos not no what happened . She lost all here memory and now she is rally confused she was trying to get katniss out but by the time the capital got them and now they are prisoners. And I think we no she hates the capital from the move. Do you think she will get out or go down read the book to find out but most people already did .