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<p>Mobile City: UI/UX Design</p> <p>Tracker Poker 1</p> <p>About Me</p> <p>Allan DavisLead Developer of Mobile Technology for DealerMatch</p> <p></p> <p>@cajun_code</p> <p>Session Agenda</p> <p>Introduction(Tip Calculator)</p> <p>Overview of Objective C(TicTacToe)</p> <p>UI UX (TrackerPoker)</p> <p>CoreData (MyBloodyTaskList)</p> <p>Networking and web-services (TrackerPokerLive)</p> <p>Debugging, Testing, Tuning and Distribution</p> <p>Game Development with Cocos2d (Oni Attack)</p> <p>Class Agenda</p> <p>Human Interface Guide</p> <p>Design and Prototype</p> <p>Using Interface Builder</p> <p>Tracker Poker</p> <p>Human Interface Guide</p> <p></p> <p>Design Guidelines by Apple</p> <p>Don't break the rules set by the HIG</p> <p>Create A Prototype</p> <p>Photoshop/GIMP or Inkskape</p> <p>Invisionapp</p> <p>Mobile web appHtml5 </p> <p>Javascript JqueryMobile</p> <p>Dojo</p> <p>Start with the Interface</p> <p>Tracker Poker</p> <p>Planning Poker app that works with Pivotal Tracker</p> <p>Individual Team members is synced to a web based room</p> <p>Story is displayed on screen</p> <p>Each team member Votes on the story</p> <p>Score is tallied up and set an points on the story</p>