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Attendee takeaways from Mobile UXCamp DC 2014 on metrics and measurement, navigation schemes, typography for mobile, living styleguides, eyetracking and process.


<ul><li> 1. MOBILE UXCAMP DC 2014 Session Takeaways Kafi Waters @kafiw #muxdc </li> <li> 2. Mobile UXCamp DC 2014 Session Takeaways Peter - Rapid Wireframing and Prototyping - you should wireframe in HTML and CSS, its useful because you can reuse the code Sue - I didnt know the term hamburger icon. During the Design Patterns for Complex/Deep Navigation Schemes we discussed different options for presenting navigation Steve - At the conclusion of the hamburger" icon discussion, it was determined that no one size fits all. Apple uses horizontal scroll, there is no one good solution, and no one is really satisfied when there is a need to present complex navigation Jerry - Collaborative Design Without and Office, wireframes in Google docs, library of shapes, closest thing to real time paper prototyping with no paper. *Slides: Brock- The recurring theme in the morning, icon vs. icon and text navigation, more use of the latter, icon based navigation, there is no association with just icons, text and icon helps with recall Kafi Waters @kafiw #muxdc </li> <li> 3. Mobile UXCamp DC 2014 Session Takeaways Kevin on Jareds talk, UX Metrics and Measurement - Most data is subjective and crap Sybil - Eyetracking, when you are collecting data mobile it is different from paper or desktop, and is tracked piece by piece vs. page by page What are the best takeaways for creating Living Styleguides? They allow you to make changes on the fly, to solve a problem right away. *Slides People, Pain, Projects, Process - pain is mostly about clients, artists, it comes down to a product its for everyone, we should educate ourselves on the process, relationships are key Responsive Typography - Ambient light stylesheets in responsvie typography, adjust type based on the amount light that user is using at the time or use time of day to adjust typography, *Bernard will tweet resources @thebestsophist Kafi Waters @kafiw #muxdc </li> </ul>