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This is a project for ESC Health Informatics Class which covers material relating to IS infrastructure & mobile healthcare (dated Feb 2012).


  • 1. Mobile Transitions In Healthcare ESC Healthcare Informatics February 2012 Tracey McPherson

2. The climate of healthcare is changing 3. Where we used to have to bring thepatient to the doctor 4. Now we can bring the doctorto the patient! 5. What an astounding concept! 6. How is this technology possible?! 7. Well, first of all, a number of things changed The way that we connect changed (cellular &wireless technology). The speed at which we connect improved (thespeed at which data transfers exploded). The size of the hardware that we use toconnect shrank (PC devices became smaller). Cloud Computing began to advance rapidly(making small devices even more powerful). 8. The way that we used to connect wasrestrictive & awkwardCables, cables and more cables! LQQK! No more cables! 9. When we connect today, the speed thatdata transfers has increased dramatically! Before 2000 From 2000 to 2010 + 10. When you need information, it is available on your device faster than ever before! 11. The size of the devices that we connectwith has decreased dramatically! 1993 Hardware vs 2008 Hardware 12. Finally Cloud Computing, an extension of classicclient/server networking, makes these smaller, faster,wireless devices that we use even more powerful! 13. With Cloud Computing, or evenclassic client/server computing, We can connect very small computer devices, wirelessly, tomuch larger computers (servers) on the network. These small wireless devices now transfer information soquickly from the larger computer, that its the same as if wewere logged on directly to the larger computer! Our smaller computers act almost only as a looking glassinto the larger computer (server). This means, there is virtually no limit to what can beperformed with the smaller computer device anymore! 14. As all of these things began to change, theinternet became a lot more useful and fun forpeopleAnd older concepts, like Healthcare Technology, made more sense to implement! 15. The types of mobile healthcare devices that we can connect are astounding! 16. Wireless TabletsWireless LaptopsWireless Smartphones Wireless body sensors 17. We can even use wireless sensors to monitor thepatients vital signs remotely! Click Here To learn More About Wireless Body Networking! 18. Then, if we wanted to communicate live with thepatient, we could establish a telemedicine video link! 19. Most practitioners use a variety of information to render a medical diagnosis Lab results (like blood work & biopsies) Vital signs Information gathered verbally Visual inspection 20. With todays Mobile Healthcare Technology, all ofthat informationcan be made available to the practitionerwithout the need to actually physicallysee the patient! 21. This has been a Tracey McPherson production!