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DESCRIPTION (@DronaHQ) tells how you can effectively and cost-efficiently engage your reseller, distributor using a smartphone. The more informed your resellers, the better they can sell. Not only does this increase conversions, it builds your reputation as a technology-savvy company that focuses on the customer experience.



2. RESELLER: YOUR BRANDS FACE Enable effective communication to optimize their experience 3. PROVIDER-RESELLER RELATIONSHIPS (A REALITY) Resellers receive HURRIED PRODUCT TRAININGS, if at all. Communication across MISSED EMAILS, SMS AND PRINTED MATERIALS. MINIMAL TRAINING for Salespersons. The lag in communication + lack of knowledge = DISPASSIONATE SALES ATTITUDES SELLING FOR COMMISSIONS without complete understanding of the product. 4. DISENGAGE D RESELL ER 5. 24 X 7 TECH-SAVY AGE, SMARTPHONES CHANGES STATUS QUO It offers a simple, ubiquitous, familiar and powerful medium that allows you to optimize provider-reseller relationships and boost sales. 6. MOBILE ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM DRONA MOBILE 7. PRODUCT DEMOS TO PLAY FOR CUSTOMERS. 8. ANYTIME ACCESS TO PRODUCT TRAINING MATERIALS - text, video or audio formats. 9. READY REFERENCE TO PRODUCT USPS AND DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS. 10. NEWS OF UPCOMING PRODUCT RELEASES OR UPDATES. 11. COLLECT AND SEND CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 12. YOUR RESELLERS WILL LOVE YOU Leverage mobile to train, educate and engage your resellers efficiently and cost-effectively. 13. MANAGE RESELLER ENGAGEMENT START FOR FREE www.dronamobile.c om