Mobile Devices and Apps. Overview Mobile Devices Apps Overview of Follow-Up Activities Q&A.

Download Mobile Devices and Apps. Overview Mobile Devices Apps Overview of Follow-Up Activities Q&A.

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Mobile Devices and Apps Slide 2 Overview Mobile Devices Apps Overview of Follow-Up Activities Q&A Slide 3 Mobile Device Basics Slide 4 Slide 5 Popular Tablets Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 iOS vs Android OR Slide 11 Common Features Apps Slide 12 Common Features Indicator Bar Battery Wi-Fi Bluetooth Time Slide 13 Common Features Camera Slide 14 Common Features Home button Home icon Slide 15 What is an App? An application (program), especially a small one designed for a mobile device Slide 16 Where do I get apps? Apple App Store Blackberry App World Google Play Store Windows Marketplace Slide 17 How do I download apps? You need: Your mobile device Your account information Username Password Slide 18 How do I download apps? 1.Open the App Store 2.Search for the App 3.Tap on Install 4.Tap on if Accept & download if asked. The app will download and an icon will appear on your home screen. Slide 19 What about apps that cost money? Payment can be made with: Giftcards (iTunes) Pre-loaded credit cards Your own credit card Slide 20 Can I return an app? Rarely. Apple Apps: Requires a problem to be reported about the app. Android Apps: Refunds within 15 minutes, or contact the app creator. Slide 21 How do I remove apps? Apple Apps: Tap and hold home button Tap x in app corner Android Apps: Go to Settings > Apps Find app, choose Uninstall Slide 22 What apps are good? Slide 23 Read Overdrive Media ConsoleZinio OneClickdigitalGoodreads Slide 24 Listen FreegalCBC Music Songza Slide 25 View TED TalksNational Film Board Sky Map Slide 26 Research & Learn Mango LanguagesWebMD Google Translate Slide 27 News CBC NewsThe Weather Network FlipboardBBC News Slide 28 Get Organized Pocket Mint Dropbox Evernote Slide 29 Travel Kayak TripAdvisor Gas Buddy Google Maps Slide 30 Slide 31 Where can I find more good apps? Use the ratings and reviews Watch CTVs App Central Visit sites like: Common Sense Media reviews PC Magazine Slide 32 Follow-Up Activities! Borrow a Staff Device to Complete! All 4 activities need to be completed. Due by December 3 Slide 33 Questions?