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  • 1. Mobile Coupon Apps for Android Considering our increasingly mobile society, it is no surprise that mobile coupon apps for Android and iPhone are on the rise. Consumers looking for deals have options that do not have to involve hours scouring the Sunday paper for deals. Retailers are also benefitting from the rise of mobile coupon apps. This gives them a great way to get specials out to consumers that may be interested in their products and services. Mobile couponing is often a more cost effective option for retailers, as well. Store Loyalty Programs Many store chains are collaborating with sites like to offer mobile options for coupon customers. By registering their store loyalty program information, shoppers can use digital coupons in stores easily, eliminating the need for coupon clipping. Comparison shopping is also easy with . Shoppers simply choose the products they are looking for in a specific area to find the lowest prices available. This allows them to make the most of their shopping experience. In-Store Scanning QR codes that link to specific deals on products are gaining popularity, because most Smartphones come with an app for scanning QR codes preloaded. For those that do not come preloaded, apps are available to download, many of them at no charge. Consumers are now able to use Smartphones to enhance their shopping experience with relatively little planning. Mobile coupons are often available for customers to scan in-store, making it easy to get deals on products while on the go. This mobile marketing technique helps retailers boost sales. Customers are more likely to buy products that are discounted in some way. Text Coupons SMS coupons are not new, but many companies still use text clubs to send coupons to customers on a
  • 2. regular basis. Since consumers sign themselves up for text clubs, companies can be sure that the recipient requests the deals sent out. This keeps customers apprised of the latest deals without an over abundance of information that may not be needed, which may cause a consumer to unsubscribe from a service. Mobile coupons have changed the way people shop. These platforms make saving easy for consumers, while giving retailers a cost effective way to get their specials out to their customers. The mobile coupon market makes it easy for consumers and retailers to make the most of buying and selling.